1. East-West Montessori School

    Central East-West Montessori School

    East-West Montessori School utilizes the Montessori Method developed by Italian physician, Dr. Maria Montessori, in which the teachers direct the children to the path that they're ready to take. The method does so by allowing the children's own natural curiosity and sense of wonder to guide them...
  2. Wee Care International Preschool

    Central Wee Care International Preschool

    Wee Care International Preschool in Chatan that believes between birth to the age of six are the most important developmental years of a child's life. That is why they focus on the needs of the individual child, providing a complete academic up-to-date curriculum with experiences that enhance...
  3. Busy Bee International School

    Central Busy Bee International School

    Busy Bee International School enables children, pre-school to sixth grade, to expand their knowledge by introducing them to the plethora of subjects that they would encounter in any other school with a hint of Japanese and cultural lessons as well. They also have additional extracurricular...