1. David

    Fun Which is real and which is fake?

    Here are two different images of our dog, @Marron, enjoying the tidepools at the beach. Remember that all images can be digitally manipulated in almost any way, which we will get into in short lessons, as opposed to high-five likes only. If manipulation is your thing; if not, there's always...
  2. Okinawa

    Should RAW (DNG) Files Be Allowed?

    We certainly have the space to attach a RAW file (DNG preferable) to any image posted, even if you choose to post a smaller, user-visible, output of 2048 on the long end (Photoshop Lr CC) if you choose to "Attach files" within a thread. Though we would prefer you to use the Media Gallery...
  3. Okinawa

    POLL Colors of Okinawa.Org

    The color scheme of Okinawa.Org is based on Okinawa's official color shade of red (#c8003e for those that understand HTML) as well as variations of it. We are wondering if these colors are too bright and if we should tone them down, use other traditional Okinawan colors, or create a "dark...
  4. Family Mart Beats Lawson by Knock Out in Poll!

    Opinion Family Mart Beats Lawson by Knock Out in Poll!

    Two weeks ago, our official Facebook Page, Okinawa Questions, posted a poll on behalf of a discussion taking place in our Okinawa Questions forum. Within the thread, there was a Family Mart leaning discussion with members such as @WA6 chiming in to say that they spend nearly 1/4th of their...
  5. Questions

    Question Family Mart vs. Lawson: Who does it better?

    Both Family Mart and Lawson have their differences. I tend to like the cutlet/curry at Family Mart as a cheaper alternative to CoCo's Curry (or anything above 500 yen for that matter as it's a fairly cheap dish to make); it has just enough spice and flavor for me. The premium chicken: Nobody...