poke bowls

  1. Poke Stop

    Naha Poke Stop

    Poke Stop is an American chain founded in 2007 and based out of Hawaii. Poke Stop brings the taste of authentic Hawaiian cuisine to Okinawa with gourmet style dishes at affordable prices. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as serve drinks on site. Poke bowls can be customized...
  2. 808 Poke Bowls Okinawa

    North 808 Poke Bowls Okinawa

    808 Poke Bowls Okinawa is a Poke bowl shop that offers the traditional Hawaiian-style Poke bowl in which the raw marinated tuna, salmon, or octopus can be served in cuts or slices over rice with preferred vegetables. Both the meats and vegetables for the Poke bowls are the freshest possible. In...