1. Fuzhou Garden

    Fuzhou Garden

    Fuzhou Garden in Naha City has beauty in which every angle is breathtaking, from the exterior white walls to within the confines. (Photo by @[3:@Snow] on a collaboration shoot with @[404:@Photographer Doug])
  2. Sacred Sites Leading To Modern Okinawa

    Sacred Sites Leading To Modern Okinawa

    A roadway, with a hillside to the left, held up by a traditional Ryukyu-style wall, splitting old and preserved Ryukyu era sacred sites and tombs at Moriguchi Park in Naha City, leading off into modern Okinawa.
  3. Hibiscus (Selective Color)

    Hibiscus (Selective Color)

    All we see around us in Okinawa are beautiful hibiscus flowers planted. But have we really taken a deeper look at just the color of them and ignored their surroundings? Peer into the colors of the flowers and other flora Okinawa has to offer next time for a new perspective!
  4. Gushichan Beach — Lady In The Rocks

    Gushichan Beach — Lady In The Rocks

    This tunnel through the rocks to Gushichan Beach in Yaese, Okinawa—shaped like a woman in ballroom dress overlooking the sea—was found on a collaboration shoot with @[404:@Photographer Doug]. Both the beach and his work posted throughout this site should be checked out!
  5. Sueyoshi Shrine

    Sueyoshi Shrine

    The Sueyoshi Shrine is located within the grounds of Sueyoshi Park in Naha City.
  6. David

    Critique Who Did It Better?

    @Photographer Doug does some impressive work with the gear that he's been slowly accumulating (he hasn't posted a Camera Bag thread yet). Though, you would be impressed with his older work and the camera he was using and his newer work with a better camera. The photos that he shares with me...
  7. David

    Photo Cheeruphanabi Throughout Japan!

    It was kind of neat knowing that all of Japan came together at 2000 on June 1st, 2020, to celebrate "cheeruphanabi" or, "cheer up [firework (show)]". Each of Japan's 47 prefectures put on a 5-minute firework display throughout Japan. I'm unsure of the locations in other prefectures or if they...
  8. A Rock Marking The Entrance To A Cape In Okinawa

    A Rock Marking The Entrance To A Cape In Okinawa

    There are several capes around the main island of Okinawa. However, this cape is rarely brought up and not as heavily visited as the rest. It, perhaps, has one of the most stunning views of all capes on a bright and sunny day though. If you venture down south, be sure to take in some sun at Cape...
  9. Okinawa

    Camera Bag What's In Your Camera Bag?

    A 'camera bag' thread is the gear you use in photography, from the bag itself to the tripod and camera body/bodies. It can be followed by pictures of your specific gear or an image of what it appears like. You may also add why you chose that piece of equipment, i.e. a Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L...
  10. Naha Waterfall

    Naha Waterfall

    There's nothing like trekking up a river during a rainstorm to find a roaring waterfall... in the heart of Naha City! (Warning: Do not do this without experience in Okinawa; you do not know when the water turn on you)
  11. Happy Hour!

    Happy Hour!

    This isn't quite the image that we wanted to work on, but was very fitting for the founder's—@David—birthday as he's kicking back a couple of chuhais during happy hour(s) tonight!
  12. A Barren Tree In Naha Suburbia

    A Barren Tree In Naha Suburbia

    I noticed this tree at a park while trying to get a nice creative crop of Naha City with Ryu:X being a focal point but this tree ended up being in the way for that, and it was a little too hazy out in the distance for such a clear day to get a sharp focus. The tree, however, reminded me of the...
  13. David

    Tips Photographing Moving Subjects — Landing Planes

    The last Tuesday Treat (a weekly series of one photo released on Tuesday) of a landing Tokyo 2020 painted JAL Boeing 767 landing at Naha International Airport at the peak of Senaga Island was quite the learning experience for me. This is because I am in the midst of shifting to use manual mode...
  14. Family Mart — Only The Best

    Family Mart — Only The Best

    A rainy night reflection photo of Family Mart, the best convenience store that Okinawa has to offer while wandering the streets of Naha after midnight on a Tuesday morning chuhai run.
  15. Ride The Bus In Okinawa

    Ride The Bus In Okinawa

    Ride the bus in Okinawa so its fate doesn't end up like this, and your pockets stay a little bit more padded getting around while out on the town.
  16. David

    Scenic Spot Cherry Blossoms (Sakura) On Mount Yaedake

    When winter is about to roll around every year, and the sakura (cherry blossoms) are in bloom, the number one question people tend to ask is where a good spot to view them is and how long the season lasts. The cherry blossom season in Okinawa lasts throughout the month of January. However, you...
  17. Marron Tidepooling

    Marron Tidepooling

    Marron looking for some little critter friends in the tidepools at Ikei Island.
  18. Furrrrrrriends!


    I see friends over there, let's go!
  19. Depressed


    Nobody to play ball with today.
  20. E

    2020 Cosmos Festival

    If you love the scent of flowers or even the beautiful look that some may have, this is one festival that you don't want to miss! There will be about 5 million cosmos flowers on display at the Cosmos Festival 2020 in Nago. And, not everyone is the same: They will have reds, pinks, and white...