photo op

  1. Rob Oechsle

    Photo Op A Split Screen Saturday

    A SPLIT-SCREEN SATURDAY up in cold, wet, and windy SATE VILLAGE, along Highway 58 (old Highway 1) north of Okuma. I took this a few years ago, but it reminds me of the weather here in Okinawa yesterday and today. Actually, I wish I was up there, but, I'm stuck at home for other things...
  2. Beach-Bum

    Scenic Spot Yohena Hydrangea Garden

    Okinawa’s seasons are harder to define in comparison to mainland Japan, but they do exist. Spring brings numerous flower viewing opportunities. Hydrangeas are probably the latest bloomers. They bloom from about mid-May to late June. Keep in mind typhoon season officially starts June 1. Delicate...
  3. David

    Scenic Spot Cactus Farm

    While driving around Okinawa or sitting at home finding the oddities of Okinawa to visit using the Okinawa Blog or even going through threads in the Okinawa Pin Drops forum, you might come across something interesting to go see. There's an unusual place in Nanjo, for Okinawa that is, that...
  4. Rob Oechsle

    Photo Op Romantic & Fun Swing

    Here's a ROMANTIC SWING hung from a very cool tree. It's meant as a photo spot to seat a Bride & Groom, a romantic couple, or a few little kids holding flowers and being cute... or whatever you want. This natural "set piece" is at the SAME PLACE as the Romantic Stairs with the "SO HAPPY" sign...
  5. David

    Scenic Spot Ginowan By-pass Seawall

    If you're looking for an urban setting in the Ginowan area along a seawall to either photograph or to watch the perfect sunset in a diffusely populated area, the seawall behind the Ginowan By-pass (leading to Camp Foster) is the place to be. The pinned location leads you to a great viewing spot...
  6. David

    Photo Op "Crashed" Volkswagen Beetle

    You tend to find some interesting stuff while driving up and down the side streets of Okinawa. This "crashed" VW Beetle was a sighting that caught me off guard one day. Why? Because it seemingly appeared out of nowhere overnight as I frequently take this same route and never noticed it before...