parks in okinawa

  1. Sacred Sites Leading To Modern Okinawa

    Sacred Sites Leading To Modern Okinawa

    A roadway, with a hillside to the left, held up by a traditional Ryukyu-style wall, splitting old and preserved Ryukyu era sacred sites and tombs at Moriguchi Park in Naha City, leading off into modern Okinawa.
  2. David

    Park Santinmo Park & Observation Tower

    Santinmo Park (marked on Google Maps as Santenmo Park, but pinned below) is a great kid-friendly and dog-friendly place to visit with some sceneic views of Itoman, Okinawa, the East China Sea and 360 degrees all around. This is because it has an observation tower smack dab in the park that lets...
  3. Walking Iso Park

    Walking Iso Park

    Urasoe, the city Camp Kinser is located in, opened up parks on May 11th. We took this opportunity to finally get out and free our minds from what's going on around us in the world while enjoying the scenery. Iso Park has some amazing views from atop the hill as well as some great walking paths...
  4. Peace Memorial Park Children's Playground

    Fun Peace Memorial Park Children's Playground

    If you have one or more children that constantly need your attention, and especially if their ages are apart, you might have been exhausted every single day trying to figure out what could tire them out. But that was till yesterday! I always wished that there had been a place that could...