orion beer

  1. Orion Beer Lanterns

    Orion Beer Lanterns

    When you see these Orion beer lanterns hanging across a storefront, you can almost immediately tell that it'll be a fun place if you're a drinker. And if not, it might still turn out to be an excellent place to mingle with locals and practice your Japanese.
  2. WATT'AM I Drinking On A Sunday Night For?

    Opinion WATT'AM I Drinking On A Sunday Night For?

    Well, Orion Beer released their WATTA chuhai brand on May 14, 2019 and I was determined then to give them a try. However, each store I visited that day had already sold out. In fact, I've heard rumors of some supermarkets selling them the day before their official release, which explained the...
  3. Orion Beer Releases First Chuhai Flavors

    News Orion Beer Releases First Chuhai Flavors

    Orion Beer has officially entered the chuhai market with its release of the Watta brand. The Watta brand seeks to stay true to Okinawa by employing traditional and local flavors whilst embracing the drinking culture and allowing those that cannot drink beer to indulge in chuhais instead. In...