1. H

    GUIDE Tag, Reply Or Multi-Quote

    There are three ways to go about replying to someone's post. Tagging The first and easiest way to reply to someone is to directly refer to them by their username. You can do so by typing the @ symbol followed by their username. A drop down of similar names will appear as you type out more of...
  2. island cyclist

    Awaiting Feedback How can I access Okinawa.Org forums?

    OK I just found out how to answer my last question...I go up to the top of the page and hit forums. And not the little arrow pointing down. :(
  3. F

    FAQ Benefit Of Okinawa.Org Membership

    Okinawa.Org will always be free to browse, whether you register or not. However, there are some nice benefits that come along with joining the community. By becoming a member, you get to post reviews, anonymously or under your username, in our Places Okinawa yellow pages directory; ask a...
  4. 2019 Okinawa.Org Year-End Review

    News 2019 Okinawa.Org Year-End Review

    Ironically, this site first went live on this day in 2018, and, besides describing what great features we had to provide to registered users and visitors alike on that day, not much else happened. Since then, we've immensely grown over 2019 and have experienced and shared quite a lot of unique...
  5. Okinawa

    INFO Off Topic Okinawa Rules

    Not everything has to be on-topic about Okinawa. We wanted to create a fun and relaxing forum environment where randomness and banter can occur in a constructive manner. As such, we're opening our "Off Topic Okinawa" forum where you are able to post whatever you wish. The only rule that we have...
  6. Okinawa

    POLL Colors of Okinawa.Org

    The color scheme of Okinawa.Org is based on Okinawa's official color shade of red (#c8003e for those that understand HTML) as well as variations of it. We are wondering if these colors are too bright and if we should tone them down, use other traditional Okinawan colors, or create a "dark...
  7. Like, Share & Tag To Be Eligible To Win $20

    News Like, Share & Tag To Be Eligible To Win $20

    We're giving away a good portion of our earnings here at Okinawa.Org this week to two lucky winners, early enough to enjoy spending it on Black Friday fighting over that new toaster that you really didn't need in the first place with a random stranger at the PX. Both parties will receive a $20...
  8. Okinawa Events Released!

    News Okinawa Events Released!

    The long-awaited (for us) Okinawa Events calendar—which completes the core of our site, Okinawa.Org—has been released! This calendar will feature events aggregated by staff from various local sources such as towns and cities, newspapers and other various places to bring you the best of things...
  9. Okinawa

    Release Of Okinawa Events!

    Today is an all-day event to test our first event added to the Okinawa Events calendar on a live version of our website that is publicly viewable to all. You can expect more great events and things to do in Okinawa in the coming days. Sign up or sign in to stay informed! :)
  10. H

    ARCHIVED Why can't I post in Okinawa Pin Drops?

    Why Can't I Post In Okinawa Pin Drops? Okinawa Pin Drops is a new forum which allows for posting GPS coordinates (a requirement as some places are not indexed on Google); addresses of places that are auto-completed from a live search which will automatically populate the GPS coordinates; and as...
  11. H

    GUIDE Obtaining the best answer to your Okinawa Questions

    Introduction While these aren't rules in the Q&A forum, per se, it's set up to help organize questions in such a manner to receive the best possible answer by having a descriptive question up front that entices click-through and engagement. If you happen to forget to put it in a question...
  12. Beach-Bum

    Implemented Map of locations

    Hi- One of the things I find most frustrating about blogs or info sites, is the info is not broken up by location. To clarify: Often, points of interest, cafes, shopping, etc. will be divided by category (which is great!) but it provides all of the beaches, cafes, etc. all over the island. When...
  13. Additional Features & Site Changes

    Additional Features & Site Changes

    Here are a couple updates that we pushed out this week to improve the user experience here on's forum. Profile Covers It seems like just about every social network known to man allows you to customize your profile. We asked ourselves, "Why not here?" So, we've implemented profile...
  14. H

    GUIDE Setting Your Profile Cover

    Setting Your Profile Cover It's a fairly simple process to set your profile cover, for as long as you have the ability to resize your pictures to below 2500 pixels in width and 1500 pixels in height on whichever device you're using or can find an image on the web within this range (you can...
  15. H

    GUIDE Official Okinawa.Org accounts and their purposes

    If one account with total permissions were to be compromised in an attack, it'd have devastating effects for user experience. Therefore, we've separated accounts into only having permissions set to only execute certain tasks. For a better understanding of this, below are the official accounts of...
  16. F

    FAQ Privacy Settings FAQ

    Privacy FAQ All account related privacy settings can be found in the Privacy section of Okinawa.Org. This is also accessible by clicking on your avatar (or avatar followed by your name on a desktop view) and "Privacy" from the sub-menu. How do I change my online status? Your online status...
  17. H

    GUIDE Limits on forums, threads, posts, conversations, etc.

    New Member Limitations Because forums are heavily bombarded by bots and spammers that have a malicious intent on forum usage, new member accounts have certain restrictions in place. These limitations are outlined in the following section as well as how they can be lifted. Signatures Signature...
  18. New Look for Questions and Answers

    New Look for Questions and Answers

    While we initially opened Okinawa.Org with the Okinawa Questions forum, it was formatted in a normal thread view layout. This would almost certainly make finding the best answer out of many replies impossible, for the original poster to the typical visitor coming from a search engine that is...
  19. Okinawa

    Answered Where can I test Okinawa.Org forum features?

    I'm new to using a forum and don't quite know how to publish posts. Where can I test posting?
  20. Okinawa

    GUIDE Okinawa.Org Services and Resources

    Welcome to Okinawa.Org! Okinawa.Org’s mission is to be the largest Okinawa community on the web. Connect with people on the island. Stay informed. Learn. Share. All for free! Okinawa.Org Services and Resources: Introductions: Introduce yourself and network with the Okinawa community! Okinawa...