1. David

    What? Who is Kirby, J. T. (USMC)

    I wish I had an interesting story to tell about how I ran across this dog tag, like finding it on a beach or a trail breaking through the brush in Okinawa, but I don't. I was planning a trip to Hawaii and I had an old black USMC bag that I picked up somewhere in the region of 2012-2013. When...
  2. David

    INFO Women's History Month — Okinawa Edition (2020)

    Although Women's History Month (March 1–March 31 of 2020) isn't a traditional or recognized 'month' of reflection and celebration in Japan, or Okinawa, as far as I am aware, I felt as if I should spread a little information about the women of Okinawa. This includes those past and present that...
  3. Okinawa City

    Okinawa City

    Okinawa City, near Kadena Gate 2
  4. Sunset on 01/13/2020

    Sunset on 01/13/2020

    While I was on my stomach trying to dial in the perfect camera settings I thought I may need, in aperture mode, to catch the perfect sunset in full manual using some of the learned techniques over the week as well as using a foreground in this shot, it didn't hit me that the blue right under the...
  5. H

    GUIDE Usage of "Okinawa Photographers" Forum

    We certainly have the space to attach a RAW file (DNG preferable) to any image posted, even if you choose to post a smaller output of 2048 on the long end (Photoshop CC) if you choose to "Attach files" within a thread. Though we would prefer you to use the Media Gallery, create your own album...
  6. Sunset on 12/28/2019

    Sunset on 12/28/2019

    While you may be in a great location awaiting the perfect sunset that never comes as the weather is in Okinawa is unpredictable as ever, you must remember: "As angry as the sky looks, it’s still full of the colors of love." ― Anthony T. Hincks
  7. Celebrate Crossword Puzzle Day – Okinawa Edition!

    Game Celebrate Crossword Puzzle Day – Okinawa Edition!

    Looking for something fun to do this morning before possibly going out to enjoy a wonderful Saturday afternoon in Okinawa? So are millions of other people around the world. Today is the 21st of December, which might not mean much to most, except it finally being one day closer to getting able...
  8. Questions

    Answered Where can I rush order business cards in Okinawa?

    I need business cards within the next day or two! Is it possible to get business cards made this quickly in Okinawa?
  9. Sunset on 11/29/2019

    Sunset on 11/29/2019

    Not every photograph or view of a sunset will be perfect, but it will always mark the end of the day. The new day will always follow where that left off, where you can try to spot the perfect one once again. This particular sunset was the first captured on Miyagi Coast in Sunabe.
  10. Nishihara, Haebaru (Small)

    Nishihara, Haebaru (Small)

  11. Nanjo


  12. Makabe-Komesu-Oodo-Mabuni, Itoman

    Makabe-Komesu-Oodo-Mabuni, Itoman

    Colored, small
  13. Kisenbaru, Onna (Small)

    Kisenbaru, Onna (Small)

  14. Hanagasa (Hibuscus Hat) & Oogomadara, Tsuboya, Naha

    Hanagasa (Hibuscus Hat) & Oogomadara, Tsuboya, Naha

  15. Route 58 Through Downtown Naha

    Route 58 Through Downtown Naha

    Route 58 through central Naha can have some of the worst traffic ever. Today, I imagined that there wasn't a car insight, and I could get home in about 5 minutes as opposed to the usual 30. That, however, was just a dream. The reality is, traffic on Okinawa isn't the greatest, but this route is...
  16. Roadside Flower

    Roadside Flower

    There is beauty all around us on Okinawa. Sometimes, we must seek it out, while other times we pass right by it without realizing it as we're wrapped up in other aspects of our lives. On our way back to the car after a waterfall shot in Tomigusuku, I noticed the roadway lined with these...
  17. Tsuken-jima


    Tsuken Island is known as the carrot island.
  18. Chuuoo, Okinawa City

    Chuuoo, Okinawa City

    Eisa Drummer (small). Gate 2 Street shopping center.
  19. Okinawa City

    Okinawa City

  20. Shuri, Naha

    Shuri, Naha

    Representation of the Shuri Ori (brocade textile) worm by the Shuri royalty. These manholes can be found in the stone streets around Shurijo. GPS: (26.2164746, 127.7206708)