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  1. island cyclist

    Question Do the Okinawaians still make the best fried rice in Japan?

    Off base at Kadena Air Base was a fried rice joint, likely not there no more. After judo or karate practice I'd go to it and chow down. Had the best fried rice I've ever eaten. Also off base was a fried chicken joint (take out only) , back then the legs of the chicken were so big, not like...
  2. Questions

    Question Where can I find a SodaStream Co2 cartridge refills?

    I couldn't bring my cartridges with me from our last place. Does anyone know any places that sell them in Okinawa?
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    GUIDE Obtaining the best answer to your Okinawa Questions

    Introduction While these aren't rules in the Q&A forum, per se, it's set up to help organize questions in such a manner to receive the best possible answer by having a descriptive question up front that entices click-through and engagement. If you happen to forget to put it in a question...