okinawa hiking

  1. Rob Oechsle

    Hike Walk The Green Mile

    WALKIN' THE MILE... WALKIN' THE GREEN MILE... I mean, literally, walking the green mile, in my bare feet, 222 meters (728 feet) above sea level, high above OKUMA. Yup, there's lots of weird stuff up in "them thar hills"! This grassy, mile-long mountain hiking loop is also great for...
  2. Rob Oechsle

    Hike Ura River

    THE URA RIVER for FAMILIES WITH KIDS — A Great Spot on a Hot Day While Up at OKUMA, or While Day-Tripping the West Coast in Northern Okinawa. Hop out of your car, the river is right there, and it's all yours 'till you want to call it quits. AN OPTION MOST KIDS PREFER TO HIJI FALLS For...