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  1. What Do Okinawans Do On New Year's Eve?

    Culture What Do Okinawans Do On New Year's Eve?

    When the last day of the year comes in Okinawa, many get ready to celebrate for the new year in various ways. Some may prepare to attend the Mabuni Fire and Bell Festival to wish for peace, others stay home and watch telecasts of countdowns in Tokyo or go out and celebrate with friends and...
  2. Restaurant Customs And Courtesies

    Culture Restaurant Customs And Courtesies

    Traveling to a foreign country can be very exciting. However, learning about the culture before heading out on a journey is highly recommended. That way, you won't offend anyone by doing something you would consider the norm. So, today I thought I would give some examples of what you should...
  3. Okinawa World

    South Okinawa World

    Okinawa World is a theme park in Nanjo, a city in the southern area of the main island of Okinawa, that offers its guests a truly unique Okinawan cultural experience. The park is divided into three distinct areas: The Kingdom Village which is a replica of a traditional Okinawan village and...
  4. New Team in Town: Yasha Dragons Okinawa

    News New Team in Town: Yasha Dragons Okinawa

    According to Japanese folklore, the Yasha is a female guardian spirit who became reincarnated with great fierceness and power. It is with that same fierceness our dragon boat team, the Yasha Dragons debuts this season. For those unfamiliar with dragon boat, it has a long and rich history...
  5. New Year at a Shrine or Temple in Okinawa

    Culture New Year at a Shrine or Temple in Okinawa

    I know many of you have spent the New Years a few times on Okinawa already, but have you ever wondered what the locals do to celebrate it? If you answered, “get drunk,” you’re not completely wrong! If you’d like to be a part of the celebration next year, here’s everything that you have to know...