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    2019 End Of The Year Cooking & Cleanup Event At

    At Okinawa Comprehensive Park in Okinawa City, there will be an event not only to cook different types of simple foods with local Okinawans but to also take care of the beautification of the park itself. The meeting time will be at 0950 inside the Okinawa Comprehensive Park Gymnasium main...
  2. Questions

    Answered Where can I rush order business cards in Okinawa?

    I need business cards within the next day or two! Is it possible to get business cards made this quickly in Okinawa?
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    International Carnival In Okinawa City

    There will be a two day International Carnival in Okinawa City around Gate 2 Street on November 23, 2019, from 1100-2100 and November 24, 2019, from 1230-2100. The first day's main events (November 23) will be a carnival parade from 1430-1600 and a Brazilian Samba carnival will also take place...
  4. Rob Oechsle

    Scenic Spot Okinawa City Hall Lookout Tower

    FOR ALL THOSE WHO LIKE A BIRDS-EYE VIEW, but DON'T WANT TO CLIMB A MOUNTAIN TO GET ONE !!! Just a short hop past GOYA 4 CORNERS and KOZA MUSIC TOWN is one of the best ALL-WEATHER LOOKOUT TOWERS in Okinawa. Built on a part of old CAMP KOZA, the Okinawa City Hall and its signature LOOKOUT TOWER...
  5. Payless Motors

    Central Payless Motors

    Payless Motors is one of the top rated and better-known used car dealerships in Okinawa. They have been in business and serving the military community for over 30 years. Payless Motors prides themselves on providing friendly customer service and a laid-back car buying experience to their buyers...
  6. B.C. Used Cars

    Central B.C. Used Cars

    B.C. Used Cars takes care of the entire registration process without hidden fees and offers service-members a 24-month payment plan at 0% interest. Additionally, they have insurance agents available in the store to assist you with getting the necessary insurance for driving on base and in Japan...