northern okinawa

  1. David

    Fun Stairs for Birds?

    This came across my desk late this evening. Stairs for birds to get in and out of drainpipes, pictured below, and found around Cape Hedo. Now, you might wonder why birds need stairs. Well, it's because they're built for the Yanbaru kuina—also known as the Okinawa rail. But, you may still also...
  2. J

    Opening Preschool Teacher

    Job Title: Preschool Teacher Job Type: Full Time from 0700 to 1500. Address: #8128-3 Kin, Kintown (Near Camp Hansen) How to apply: Send your updated resume to
  3. Rob Oechsle

    Park Okinawa Prefectural People's Forest (Kenmin no Mori)

    Forest of Residents' State Park (Kenmin-no-Mori) -- A beginners trail map to get you started: Questions about this place keep popping up, so I decided to adopt a local trail map with some overlaid notes and post it for this group. Intentionally simple, it leaves plenty of room for you to...
  4. David

    Scenic Spot Cherry Blossoms (Sakura) On Mount Yaedake

    When winter is about to roll around every year, and the sakura (cherry blossoms) are in bloom, the number one question people tend to ask is where a good spot to view them is and how long the season lasts. The cherry blossom season in Okinawa lasts throughout the month of January. However, you...
  5. E

    2020 Cosmos Festival

    If you love the scent of flowers or even the beautiful look that some may have, this is one festival that you don't want to miss! There will be about 5 million cosmos flowers on display at the Cosmos Festival 2020 in Nago. And, not everyone is the same: They will have reds, pinks, and white...
  6. Nago Castle Ruins Bridge

    Nago Castle Ruins Bridge

  7. Rob Oechsle

    Photo Op A Split Screen Saturday

    A SPLIT-SCREEN SATURDAY up in cold, wet, and windy SATE VILLAGE, along Highway 58 (old Highway 1) north of Okuma. I took this a few years ago, but it reminds me of the weather here in Okinawa yesterday and today. Actually, I wish I was up there, but, I'm stuck at home for other things...
  8. Rob Oechsle

    Other The Faithful Dog Rock of Henan

    Sitting, watching, and waiting forever at the mouth of the Henan River in Northern Okinawa... ...not carved. All-natural. And when you change the direction of view, it morphs into a gorilla-looking face and even a goofy crocodile head. However, I like the "dog" view...
  9. Rob Oechsle

    Beach Ie Beach & Ie River

    A ROCKY GORGE; a LOVELY POOL; low, climbable WATERFALLS, and a RIVER TO EXPLORE --- All just a few hundred yards upstream from a PRETTY BEACH, a SHADY BRIDGE, and PICTURESQUE SEA ROCKS. Well, that sure covers a lot !!! And it even comes with a sea-side PARKING LOT and a little CAFE, to boot...
  10. Beach-Bum

    Scenic Spot Yohena Hydrangea Garden

    Okinawa’s seasons are harder to define in comparison to mainland Japan, but they do exist. Spring brings numerous flower viewing opportunities. Hydrangeas are probably the latest bloomers. They bloom from about mid-May to late June. Keep in mind typhoon season officially starts June 1. Delicate...
  11. Rob Oechsle

    Hike Walk The Green Mile

    WALKIN' THE MILE... WALKIN' THE GREEN MILE... I mean, literally, walking the green mile, in my bare feet, 222 meters (728 feet) above sea level, high above OKUMA. Yup, there's lots of weird stuff up in "them thar hills"! This grassy, mile-long mountain hiking loop is also great for...
  12. Rob Oechsle

    Park Takazato River & Dam Cement Pond

    THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES "CEE-MENT POND" meets a MOUNTAIN RIVER up near OKUMA! Here's a MAP of where you're headed (pin below): Did I just mention the URA RIVER for KIDS in another post? Well, FORGET THAT PLACE (Haha). I've got something else for ya'!! 😊 A HIDDEN GEM ALONG THE TAKAZATO RIVER...
  13. Rob Oechsle

    Hike Ura River

    THE URA RIVER for FAMILIES WITH KIDS — A Great Spot on a Hot Day While Up at OKUMA, or While Day-Tripping the West Coast in Northern Okinawa. Hop out of your car, the river is right there, and it's all yours 'till you want to call it quits. AN OPTION MOST KIDS PREFER TO HIJI FALLS For...
  14. Rob Oechsle

    Scenic Spot Arashiyama Observation Deck

    For all of you WING NUTS out there who look for these things here's a new one (painted July 2018 by an artist from Taiwan) on the 2nd floor of the Arashiyama LOOK-OUT TOWER in Nago. I also include a pic of the tower and the nice view from up there. Cheers! An Okinawan Angel An Okinawan Angel...
  15. Rob Oechsle

    Photo Op Romantic & Fun Swing

    Here's a ROMANTIC SWING hung from a very cool tree. It's meant as a photo spot to seat a Bride & Groom, a romantic couple, or a few little kids holding flowers and being cute... or whatever you want. This natural "set piece" is at the SAME PLACE as the Romantic Stairs with the "SO HAPPY" sign...
  16. ANA InterContinental Manza Beach Resort

    North ANA InterContinental Manza Beach Resort

    ANA InterContinental Manza Beach Resort is a 5-star resort located in Onna, Okinawa. It offers a wide variety of different types of suites to include classic rooms, executive rooms, and suites, all of which offer a magnificent view of the emerald East China Sea from a private balcony. However...
  17. Rob Oechsle

    INFO 9th Annual Candle Night Festival on Shioya Bay

    HEADS UP: The 9th Annual "CANDLE-NIGHT FESTIVAL" on Shioya Bay is this SATURDAY EVENING, June 6th. The Bay, Village Roads, Sea Walls, Sandbars, and all Bridges around the Bay, will be lined with 4,500 - 5,000 CANDLES. It's a pretty cool sight to see. The Events get started in SHIRAHAMA VILLAGE...
  18. Rizzan Sea Park Hotel

    North Rizzan Sea Park Hotel

    Rizzan Sea Park Hotel Tancha Bay is located in Onna, the northern part of Okinawa, in the Okinawa National Beach Park with 800 meters of natural white sand at your toe tips on its easily accessible beachfront. The Rizzan is a good place to choose for a family staycation for those on Okinawa and...
  19. 808 Poke Bowls Okinawa

    North 808 Poke Bowls Okinawa

    808 Poke Bowls Okinawa is a Poke bowl shop that offers the traditional Hawaiian-style Poke bowl in which the raw marinated tuna, salmon, or octopus can be served in cuts or slices over rice with preferred vegetables. Both the meats and vegetables for the Poke bowls are the freshest possible. In...
  20. Swimming Season Is Here: Manza Beach Public Opening

    News Swimming Season Is Here: Manza Beach Public Opening

    ONNA – Beach season in Okinawa is officially upon us with the opening of ANA InterContinental Manza Beach Resort's public Manza Beach and accompanying beachside pool. Swimming will be allowed today from 0900 AM but will be briefly put on hold at 1100 AM for the opening ceremony. After which...