new years eve

  1. 2019 Okinawa.Org Year-End Review

    News 2019 Okinawa.Org Year-End Review

    Ironically, this site first went live on this day in 2018, and, besides describing what great features we had to provide to registered users and visitors alike on that day, not much else happened. Since then, we've immensely grown over 2019 and have experienced and shared quite a lot of unique...
  2. What Do Okinawans Do On New Year's Eve?

    Culture What Do Okinawans Do On New Year's Eve?

    When the last day of the year comes in Okinawa, many get ready to celebrate for the new year in various ways. Some may prepare to attend the Mabuni Fire and Bell Festival to wish for peace, others stay home and watch telecasts of countdowns in Tokyo or go out and celebrate with friends and...