1. The Path

    The Path

    An old road leading down to Nakayama
  2. Bee


    Close up of a huge bee sitting in the grass!
  3. Nature Wheel

    Nature Wheel

    A old tire of a car that has been taken over by mother nature. Found in Naha while walking around random streets
  4. David

    Fun Stairs for Birds?

    This came across my desk late this evening. Stairs for birds to get in and out of drainpipes, pictured below, and found around Cape Hedo. Now, you might wonder why birds need stairs. Well, it's because they're built for the Yanbaru kuina—also known as the Okinawa rail. But, you may still also...
  5. Manko Waterbird and Wetland Center

    Adventure Manko Waterbird and Wetland Center

    There wasn't much to do to have fun growing up in the small town that I did. However, we did have wetlands that we could explore to see various types of birds and animals as we walked the boardwalk and trails. Much like my old home, Okinawa has a wetland center too. The Manko Waterbird and...
  6. David

    Adventure Sunsets of Okinawa

    I don't consider myself a professional photographer—not even by a long shot. I'm still learning the tricks and trade of photography and working with I got to get my preferred style down. There are some interesting shots that I like to chase, one of which being an adventurous hunt of sunsets on...