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  1. Owl Adventure Park

    Naha Owl Adventure Park

    Owl Adventure Park, located just off Kokusai Street down the covered street next to Don Quijote and in the vicinity of the Makishi Public Market, offers more than just an experience with over 20 different owls. They also have other birds, to include ducks; reptiles such as snakes, lizards, and...
  2. Cinema Palette

    Naha Cinema Palette

    Cinemas Palette is located on the top floor of Palette Kumoji (Ryubo Department Store), located on the most southwardly end of Kokusai Street, in Naha City. It offers international movies in their native language with Japanese subtitles (look for: 字) as well as Japanese produced movies and...
  3. Jim Beam Summer Fes 2019 — Free Entrance!

    News Jim Beam Summer Fes 2019 — Free Entrance!

    Jim Beam Summer Fes 2019, held across 8 cities in Japan, will be coming to Naha on Saturday, June 29 and Sunday, June 30. There will be Jim Beam highballs served up as well as live entertainment from various performers and a variety of different food options from food trucks on site...
  4. Pineapple House

    Naha Pineapple House

    Pineapple House in Naha offers most of the same products that Pineapple Park has to offer in its gift shop, less the experience. They sell items all things pineapple to include cakes, juices, wines, fresh pineapples, and even toys. Most products can even be taste tested, including the fresh...
  5. Waku Waku Kidsland

    Naha Waku Waku Kidsland

    Waku Waku Kidsland is an amazing place that you can take your children to play indoors on a rainy day or to escape the sun or to even tire them out, while in Naha. It features a dedicated play area for babies and an indoor playground. The indoor playground is equipped with a large ball pit that...
  6. Rob Oechsle

    Other Hike around Kinjo Dam in Naha

    ANOTHER DAM DAY, and ANOTHER DAM HIKE --- The Triple-Tiered Trails that Run Rings around the Twin Holding Ponds of KINJO DAM, below the Walls of SHURI CASTLE A ONE-OF-A-KIND "MULTI-TREK" IN THE ANCIENT & ROYAL CAPITAL of OKINAWA ♥ LOOKING DOWN ON IT ALL : https://goo.gl/maps/W475baSq4c72 ♦...
  7. BeerFes Okinawa 2019 — Begins Today!

    News BeerFes Okinawa 2019 — Begins Today!

    NAHA — BeerFes Okinawa 2019 will be held for three continuous days beginning June 7 and ending June 9 in the event hall on the first floor of the Okinawa Times Building. More than 50 kinds of craft beers, including the ones awarded at the International Beer Cup 2018 and the Japan Great Beer...
  8. David

    Sightseeing An Interesting Feature Of The Yui Rail Monorail Expansion

    Monorails, by design, are meant to run on elevated tracks above populated areas in order to cut back on costly underground rail systems. The 4.1-kilometer extension will run to four new stations upon completion: Ishimine Station Kyozuka Station And then it'll stop by Urasoemaeda Station...
  9. David

    Historical Landmark D51 222 Steam Locomotive

    Believe it or not, prior to the congestion on the roads and packed monorail cars in Okinawa that we see today, there was a rail system (which I'd arguably say would be more efficient today). Pre-war, it was said to be quite a busy rail system. Though, this was soon short-lived as the...
  10. David

    Sightseeing Naha Giant Tug-Of-War Display

    While the Naha Tug of War and its accompanying festivals aren't held until October of every year, you can still get up close and see the massive center section of the largest rope in the world certified by the Guinness World Records on Kokusai Street at any time.
  11. Poke Stop

    Naha Poke Stop

    Poke Stop is an American chain founded in 2007 and based out of Hawaii. Poke Stop brings the taste of authentic Hawaiian cuisine to Okinawa with gourmet style dishes at affordable prices. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as serve drinks on site. Poke bowls can be customized...
  12. Naha OPA

    Naha Naha OPA

    Naha OPA is a two-story high-end fashion and designer shopping mall located in central Naha inside of the Naha Bus Terminal building. Though, it does have a large Daiso, a 100-yen shop, as well. Within the mall, there are shops for men's, women's and children's clothing; lifestyle stores...
  13. Cinemas Q

    Naha Cinemas Q

    Cinemas Q is located on the 2nd floor of Main Place in Naha City. It offers international movies in their native language with Japanese subtitles (look for: 字) as well as Japanese produced movies and Japanese dubbed international films. Check Cinema Rycom's website for hours of operation and...
  14. Chiku Chiku Hedgehog Cafe

    Naha Chiku Chiku Hedgehog Cafe

    Chiku Chiku Cafe is Okinawa's first hedgehog cafe. We have 30 different hedgehogs that you can play with and get to know. You can even spoil them with some tasty hedgehog snacks! While enjoying the relaxing atmosphere with the hedgehogs, you can have some free coffee, tea, or applewater. For...
  15. David

    Sightseeing Stumbling around Naha and Kokusai Street to find Asahigaoka Park

    Yesterday, I took my dog for a walk near the Ryubo-end of Kokusai-dori in Naha towards Naminoue Beach, crossing Route 58 to get there. I stumbled across Asahigaoka Park on my way back from the beach. It wasn't very well lit, besides the awesome night sky illuminating the stone pathways, lined...
  16. Maverick

    Naha Maverick

    Maverick Burger is a gourmet hamburger bar and grill that serves mouth-watering, towering, burgers with various different sides such as French fries, onion rings or even chicken nuggets, and even has their own in-house sauce that has a sweet taste followed by a slight spice. It is located in...
  17. Naha District Immigration Office

    Naha Naha District Immigration Office

    The Naha District Immigration Office is the main immigration office in Okinawa. It is the place for those seeking to renew, apply for, or change their current visa statuses to a work, student, spouse or other cultural visa for extended stay in Japan.
  18. Manga Souko Naha

    Naha Manga Souko Naha

    Manga Souko is a unique second-hand store in Okinawa that carries a variety of different products. They offer a wide selection of clothing to include men’s to women’s, from different brands such as Levi to LV; console games; toys, including anime figurines; CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs; home...