money exchange

  1. Exchange Chance Center

    Central Exchange Chance Center

    Exchange Chance Center makes both exchanging money from 12 different foreign currencies to Yen and from Yen to U.S. Dollar easy without any long wait times and at the best rates possible. In addition to exchanging currencies, you can also pick up and drop off money through Western Union at...
  2. Edoya Exchange – Mihama

    Central Edoya Exchange – Mihama

    Edoya Exchange makes it easy to exchange yen to 14 different foreign currencies and back, with the exception of coins, at a good rate and fast service. There is also a service to ship money instead of going into the physical locations, though, this can take upwards of 3 days to receive. They...
  3. Chance Center – 58

    Central Chance Center – 58

    Chance Center is a money exchange center that also serves as a Western Union pick up and drop off point for sending and receiving cash to friends and family overseas. Conveniently located on the northbound side of Route 58 past Camp Foster, they are able to exchange 12 foreign currencies, to...