1. Rob Oechsle

    Nostalgia Marukawa Felix the Cat Chewing Gum

    FELIX GUM Gets Stomped On by the SHIVERING PENGUIN! Recently, while down at the end of old Black Market Alley in Naha, I went into a Cheap Candy Store (Dagashi-Ya) wholesaler, looking for some hard-to-find FRUIT MONSTER RAINBOW GUMMY STRIPS, but was distracted by the 60-Piece Packs of "Grape...
  2. David

    Memory 50 Yen Soda Machines?!

    When I first arrived in Okinawa in 2006, I wasn't the most money-conscious person with paychecks on the 1st and 15th burning a hole in my pocket. But it was sure great finding a soda machine, be it Coca-Cola or Pepsi (as I loved switching it up with the Dew at times) or even the generic and...
  3. J

    Memory Anyone out here know A Reiko (Deiko) Tanahara?

    Anyone out here know A Reiko (Deiko) Tanahara about 64 years of age. Lived in Henoko and moved out by Camp Courtney main gate back in 1969.
  4. David

    Memory The Kokusai cat that made more money than me!

    It's no secret that many Americans that come back to Okinawa after the military have a difficult time getting on their feet. I was no exception; I lost a lot from TMO'ing things to make a life back in the States only to come back to Okinawa 3 months later with nothing but a suitcase or two and a...