1. Marron Tidepooling

    Marron Tidepooling

    Marron looking for some little critter friends in the tidepools at Ikei Island.
  2. Furrrrrrriends!


    I see friends over there, let's go!
  3. Depressed


    Nobody to play ball with today.
  4. Marron Explores Kyan Beach

    Adventure Marron Explores Kyan Beach

    The first time that we took Marron to the beach at Senega Island after officially adopting her, she went absolutely crazy. It looked like she had never stepped foot on sand before. At first, she was a little skittish about the whole situation, though, it could've been just her in a new place...
  5. Marron Matters: The Series – Introduction

    Marron Matters: The Series – Introduction

    Marron Matters is a series on our blog that follows Marron, our lovable adoptee from Okinawan-American Animal Rescue Society (OAARS), and her new family around Okinawa to anywhere willing to accommodate pets or where allowed. My wife, who was already interested in Marron, without showing me...