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long exposure

  1. Okinawa Times Building

    Okinawa Times Building

    The Okinawa Times Building on the corner of Route 58 and Onaribashi-dori (that connects to the southern end of Kokusai Street) during the wee morning hours during roadway construction in preparation for the 49th Naha Tug-of-War Festival.
  2. Route 58 Through Downtown Naha

    Route 58 Through Downtown Naha

    Route 58 through central Naha can have some of the worst traffic ever. Today, I imagined that there wasn't a car insight, and I could get home in about 5 minutes as opposed to the usual 30. That, however, was just a dream. The reality is, traffic on Okinawa isn't the greatest, but this route is...
  3. Giza Banta Cliff

    Giza Banta Cliff

    A long exposure shot of the falls, halfway down the rockface, at Giza Banta Cliff on a clear blue day after Typhoon Tapah.
  4. 331 Bridge Into Tomigusuku

    331 Bridge Into Tomigusuku

    A long exposure nighttime shot of the bridge heading into the heart of Tomigusuku (where Tomiton and Ashibinaa Outlet Mall are)