1. Family Mart Beats Lawson by Knock Out in Poll!

    Opinion Family Mart Beats Lawson by Knock Out in Poll!

    Two weeks ago, our official Facebook Page, Okinawa Questions, posted a poll on behalf of a discussion taking place in our Okinawa Questions forum. Within the thread, there was a Family Mart leaning discussion with members such as @WA6 chiming in to say that they spend nearly 1/4th of their...
  2. Questions

    Question Family Mart vs. Lawson: Who does it better?

    Both Family Mart and Lawson have their differences. I tend to like the cutlet/curry at Family Mart as a cheaper alternative to CoCo's Curry (or anything above 500 yen for that matter as it's a fairly cheap dish to make); it has just enough spice and flavor for me. The premium chicken: Nobody...