kokusai dori

  1. Red Lobster – Kokusai Street

    Naha Red Lobster – Kokusai Street

    Red Lobster employs three important qualities: The quality of the food served, the value in which they provide, and more importantly, the customer satisfaction provided. In order to fulfill the mission of quality foods served, two shipments of fresh lobster caught in Canadian waters arrive each...
  2. Owl Adventure Park

    Naha Owl Adventure Park

    Owl Adventure Park, located just off Kokusai Street down the covered street next to Don Quijote and in the vicinity of the Makishi Public Market, offers more than just an experience with over 20 different owls. They also have other birds, to include ducks; reptiles such as snakes, lizards, and...
  3. David

    Sightseeing Stumbling around Naha and Kokusai Street to find Asahigaoka Park

    Yesterday, I took my dog for a walk near the Ryubo-end of Kokusai-dori in Naha towards Naminoue Beach, crossing Route 58 to get there. I stumbled across Asahigaoka Park on my way back from the beach. It wasn't very well lit, besides the awesome night sky illuminating the stone pathways, lined...
  4. David

    Memory The Kokusai cat that made more money than me!

    It's no secret that many Americans that come back to Okinawa after the military have a difficult time getting on their feet. I was no exception; I lost a lot from TMO'ing things to make a life back in the States only to come back to Okinawa 3 months later with nothing but a suitcase or two and a...