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  1. island cyclist

    Question Do the Okinawaians still make the best fried rice in Japan?

    Off base at Kadena Air Base was a fried rice joint, likely not there no more. After judo or karate practice I'd go to it and chow down. Had the best fried rice I've ever eaten. Also off base was a fried chicken joint (take out only) , back then the legs of the chicken were so big, not like...
  2. Fuubi

    South Fuubi

    Fuubi is the only restaurant in Umikaji Terrace (Storefront #23)—a shopping center with various stores on Senaga Island in Tomigusuku City—which specializes in gluten-free meals that are not only healthy but delicious as well and also offers senbero. They add no flour to the noodles nor any...
  3. Orion Beer Lanterns

    Orion Beer Lanterns

    When you see these Orion beer lanterns hanging across a storefront, you can almost immediately tell that it'll be a fun place if you're a drinker. And if not, it might still turn out to be an excellent place to mingle with locals and practice your Japanese.
  4. Dine In A Casual Atmosphere – Give A Shokudo A Try!

    Eat Dine In A Casual Atmosphere – Give A Shokudo A Try!

    I believe that most people traveling or getting stationed overseas are interested in local cuisine. However, sometimes it is hard to find places to get good local food other than the ones introduced in magazines. These places tend to not only be packed with tourists but can also be very pricey...
  5. Experience Okinawa Nightlife With The Entire Family

    Culture Experience Okinawa Nightlife With The Entire Family

    Many of us like to spend the weekend or special nights having our favorite drinks outside the house. Whether you’re single, newlywed with or without kids, or you just want to go out with your children while your significant other is away, there's a lively place for everyone to equally enjoy the...