japanese customs

  1. What Do Okinawans Do On New Year's Eve?

    Culture What Do Okinawans Do On New Year's Eve?

    When the last day of the year comes in Okinawa, many get ready to celebrate for the new year in various ways. Some may prepare to attend the Mabuni Fire and Bell Festival to wish for peace, others stay home and watch telecasts of countdowns in Tokyo or go out and celebrate with friends and...
  2. Okinawa Regional Customs Exhibit Of Confiscated Items

    Crime Okinawa Regional Customs Exhibit Of Confiscated Items

    Fortunately, with the hard work and efforts set forth by Okinawa Regional Customs, the drug, and even gun trafficking, is to a minimal. I want to hope at near-zero, but, I'm keen to believe some still slips through, as it does everywhere. There's a quint, quick and free exhibit Naha on the...
  3. Okinawa Regional Customs

    Okinawa Regional Customs

    Japanese Custom's Okinawa Regional Customs division.
  4. Information Table

    Information Table

    A table providing more information on Japanese customs, Okinawa Regional Custom's role, and the Washington Agreement.
  5. Shipment Bust

    Shipment Bust

    A bust of a shipment container containing counterfeit merchandise.
  6. Fake Bags Sign

    Fake Bags Sign

    A sign showing fake designer bags.
  7. Fake LV Handbags

    Fake LV Handbags

    Fake Louis-Vuitton handbags.
  8. Fake Designer Handbags

    Fake Designer Handbags

    More faked designer handbags.
  9. Fake LV & Real LV

    Fake LV & Real LV

    A fake Louis-Vuitton next to a real one. Can you spot the difference?
  10. Alligator Skins

    Alligator Skins

    Products made of alligator skins.
  11. Fake Rolex

    Fake Rolex

    A fake Rolex.
  12. Fake Shoes And Pokemon

    Fake Shoes And Pokemon

    Fake name brand shoes such as Nike and Puma as well as unlicenced Pokemon merchandise.
  13. Unlicensed Pikachu

    Unlicensed Pikachu

    Unlicenced Pikachu, Charizard, and other Pokemon stuffed toys.
  14. Counterfeit Shoes

    Counterfeit Shoes

    Fake Nikes and Pumas.
  15. Counterfeit Clothing

    Counterfeit Clothing

    Other counterfeit name-brand clothing.
  16. Pirated Microsoft Office

    Pirated Microsoft Office

    Pirated copies of Microsoft Office 2010.
  17. Pirated Speed Learning

    Pirated Speed Learning

    Pirated Speed Learning, a popular method of learning English, often advertised on local television in infomercial type ads.
  18. A Gun In A Book

    A Gun In A Book

    A gun placed inside of a book.
  19. A Revolver

    A Revolver

    Another seized revolver.
  20. Drug Display

    Drug Display

    A drug display of all the drugs that Japanese Customs is looking for.