1. Ruins Marker

    Ruins Marker

    A ruins marker.
  2. Makeshift Stairway

    Makeshift Stairway

    A makeshift, possibly original, stairway to the other side of the ruins.
  3. Well


    A gated off well.
  4. Well Bounds

    Well Bounds

    The boundary to the well so it's inaccessible or to prevent falling.
  5. Close Up of Right Wall

    Close Up of Right Wall

    A close up of the right perimeter wall facing towards the entrance to show the stone architecture used.
  6. Gated Off Section

    Gated Off Section

    A gated off section of the ruins, which at closer inspection, turned out to be a well.
  7. Right Side

    Right Side

    The right side of the closest portion of the ruins.
  8. East China Sea View

    East China Sea View

    An East China Sea view atop the top portion of the ruins site.
  9. Center


    The center of the closest portion of the ruins.
  10. Left Side

    Left Side

    The left side of the closest portion of the ruins.
  11. Pathway In

    Pathway In

    The pathway in to the Gushikawa Ruins.
  12. Entrance Sign

    Entrance Sign

    The entrance sign in all Japanese. Unlike the previous one, it has a QR code on it which will translate the sign. There are many plaques around the site that aren't pictured in this gallery as they are in Japanese and upon arrival can be read in English or your native language by scanning the QR.
  13. About


    About the ruins. Notice the QR code.
  14. Gushikawa Castle Ruins Marker

    Gushikawa Castle Ruins Marker

    The marker for the ruins site.
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