1. David

    Park Santinmo Park & Observation Tower

    Santinmo Park (marked on Google Maps as Santenmo Park, but pinned below) is a great kid-friendly and dog-friendly place to visit with some sceneic views of Itoman, Okinawa, the East China Sea and 360 degrees all around. This is because it has an observation tower smack dab in the park that lets...
  2. Marron, Our Mascot, Our Family

    Marron, Our Mascot, Our Family

    Marron, our mascot, and apart of our family, is a rescue from Okinawan-American Animal Rescue Society ("OAARS"). It's been a little over a year since we've taken her to this hidden gem in Itoman, but, she thoroughly enjoys it there finding new crabs to make friends with.
  3. Lonely Hibiscus

    Lonely Hibiscus

    As the sun was setting in Itoman, Okinawa, this lonely hibiscus on a barren plant caught my eye out of all the other surroundings, to include an observation towering high ahead.
  4. Okinawa Peace Hall

    Okinawa Peace Hall

    Okinawa Peace Hall, one of the many monuments at Peace Memorial Park, in Itoman, Okinawa, taken right after sunset.
  5. Sunset on 02/23/2020

    Sunset on 02/23/2020

    A sunset over Bibi Beach in Itoman, Okinawa on February 23, 2020.
  6. Peace Memorial Park Children's Playground

    Fun Peace Memorial Park Children's Playground

    If you have one or more children that constantly need your attention, and especially if their ages are apart, you might have been exhausted every single day trying to figure out what could tire them out. But that was till yesterday! I always wished that there had been a place that could...
  7. A Beach All To Yourself

    A Beach All To Yourself

    Go off the beaten path in Okinawa and you may just find a beach to enjoy all to yourself. Beware, though: you may just not have cell service there so you will totally be alone.
  8. David

    Critique South Park Beach, Itoman: Sunset

    Sunsets in Okinawa are fascinating to watch if you can catch them. Sometimes they drift slowly behind clouds on a rainy or cloudy day, always making their way to the East China Sea; they typically only spread rays of whites, but you can sometimes get a break and see some yellows in there. Either...
  9. Sunset on 01/13/2020

    Sunset on 01/13/2020

    While I was on my stomach trying to dial in the perfect camera settings I thought I may need, in aperture mode, to catch the perfect sunset in full manual using some of the learned techniques over the week as well as using a foreground in this shot, it didn't hit me that the blue right under the...
  10. E

    Mabuni Fire and Bell Festival (2019)

    Looking to bring in the New Year in a non-traditional Western way? Try it with a dash of Okinawan culture in the mix this year by attending the Mabuni Fire and Bell Festival. The Mabuni Fire and Bell Festival is an event held at the Okinawa Peace Hall, located within Peace Memorial Park, to...
  11. David

    Opinion Great Artists In Okinawa – Elizabeth Gomez

    There are so many talented artists in Okinawa, whether it be from water painting to sketching and even photography—I've met so many that have helped me on Okinawa.Org projects as well as upcoming projects not yet released. In my early days, I had almost no idea what I was doing with my Canon...
  12. "Watermarked" Water Painting Of Dragon Boat

    "Watermarked" Water Painting Of Dragon Boat

    Here's a "watermarked" (pun intended) version of @[264:@Elizabeth Gomez] 's print that she gave to me of one of my photos taken. I was very delighted to get it and can't wait to find the right frame to put it in in order to hang.
  13. David

    Beach Yamashiro Coast

    Yamashiro Coast is a beautiful strip of beach and coral coastline, when the tide is out, in Itoman which is almost near the most southern tip of Okinawa. It has lots to offer everyone: It's a great place to relax in the sun, build sandcastles with the kids, take the dogs for a walk, go...
  14. Yamashiro Coast

    Yamashiro Coast

    A peaceful day down in Itoman tide-pooling and listening to the waves crash on the coral as the tide slowly crept in.
  15. David

    Adventure Giza Banta Cliff Waterfall After A Typhoon

    While Giza Banta Cliff may be a beautiful waterfall, not too far out of reach on Okinawa with the Expressway, it's even better to experience on a clear day after a typhoon such as the most recent one, Typhoon Tapah (1917). This is primarily due to the extra water flow coming down. Add in full...
  16. Dragon Boat Ashore!

    Dragon Boat Ashore!

    Here is a dragon boat designed specifically for dragon boat races (hari) found on Kitanashiro Beach in Itoman.
  17. N

    DISCUSS Seven-Eleven Opening At 7 A.M. On 7-11-2019

    This thread is for the general discussion of the News Seven-Eleven Opening At 7 A.M. On 7-11-2019. Please add to the discussion here.
  18. Seven-Eleven Opening At 7 A.M. On 7-11-2019

    News Seven-Eleven Opening At 7 A.M. On 7-11-2019

    Seven-Eleven Japan Co. previously stated that they would be entering Okinawa Prefecture with their first Okinawa Seven-Eleven convenience store located in the parking lot of Sun Plaza in Itoman City due in part to a joint venture with Kanahide. Since then, there has been a shift of plans and...
  19. Shiozakicho, Itoman

    Shiozakicho, Itoman

    Coordinates: 26.1242400, 127.6655712
  20. Shiozakicho, Itoman

    Shiozakicho, Itoman