internal medicine

  1. Be Your Own Patient Advocate In Japan

    Healthcare Be Your Own Patient Advocate In Japan

    This article applies to those who work on base and are unable to see a doctor due to priority levels but is intended more for expats. So, either way, don't totally dismiss this important information about medical care off base as you may have a family member visit that needs medical treatment...
  2. Chubu Tokushukai Hospital

    Central Chubu Tokushukai Hospital

    Chubu Tokushukai Hospital, founded in April 1988 in what is now considered the Awase area of Nakagami and across from Rycom Mall, is a core hospital of Okinawa equipped with advanced medical equipment. They aim to create "society where everyone can receive the best medical care anytime and...
  3. Adventist Medical Center

    South Adventist Medical Center

    The Adventist Medical Center is a small scale hospital in Okinawa that serves the local community in a variety of different fields—from general practice medicine to dermatology—with friendly and welcoming English-speaking staff, nurses and doctors. They are committed to providing sincere...