historical landmark

  1. David

    Park Yamashita First Cave Site Park

    While it's only 900 square meters in size, and only two dedicated parking spaces, as if they'll ever be occupied at once, it does offer some activities for both kids and adults to enjoy. Adults can murder their feet on this foot massage course. Once that's done, get some pullups in. And...
  2. David

    Historical Landmark Yamashita-cho Cave 1

    Yamashita-cho Cave 1, located in Naha City, is the oldest site on Okinawa dating back to the prehistoric stone age at being 32,000, years old. This is a goldmine for those aspiring anthropologists in Okinawa, or those just studying anthropology to have a connection to such an old site while...
  3. Rob Oechsle

    Place of Worship Agari no Utaki

    THIS PIN is for TREE LOVERS ONLY! ❤ PARK at the pinned location below and walk the path. Bug Spray recommended! :):) Had some business on Hamahiga Island today. Was mostly in Higa (east side), but popped into Hama (northwest side) just to take a few pics of... THE SACRED GROVE OF THE BANYAN...
  4. David

    Historical Landmark Tomori Large Stone Lion

    One of the most iconic photos taken during the Battle of Okinawa is of soldiers huddled behind the Tomori Large Stone Lion observing the hillsides and cliffs ahead through their binoculars. The Tomori Lion is located in the Tomori District of Yaese, Okinawa, an area of southern Okinawa. The...
  5. David

    Historical Landmark Senahaga Spring

    When you reach the barrier to head towards Senaha Beach and walk further down, you'll be greeted with a Y in the path. If you take the right of the Y, you'll be at the main beachhead of Senaha Beach. However, if you take the left, you will walk down a path and see this pole to your right...
  6. David

    Historical Landmark Child Treasure Rock on Senaga Island in Tomigusuku

    Expecting a baby, or hoping to, soon? And hopeful for that precious baby boy or baby girl? Try out Child Treasure Rock to see if your dream becomes a reality. Child Treasure Rock is located just off the shoreline on the far side of Senaga Island, an island connected by a bridge, in Tomigusuku...
  7. Experience Tranquility And Breathtaking Views At Kakinohana Hija Spring

    Adventure Experience Tranquility And Breathtaking Views At Kakinohana Hija Spring

    If you want to get away from it all and relax with tranquility all around you while being able to see breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, the Kakinohana Hija Spring in Nanjo is the perfect place to go for the morning or afternoon, alone or with guests. To access the spring, it is...
  8. David

    Shisa Azakuniyoshi Shugo Stone Lion

    I love finding new historical sites, especially shisa, or stone lions. There is a lot of Ryukyu-era history with many of the shisa around Okinawa. Some were originally created in villages to face certain directions in order to ward off possible evils. I ran across this one while taking a...
  9. David

    War Memorial Memorial Monument of Lieutenant General Buckner

    While this may be labeled on Google Maps as "Memorial of Lieutenant General Buckner" (USA), there's much more Battle of Okinawa history on this location than meets the eye. This is the spot is dedicated to many great people who gave the ultimate sacrifice or were tragic victims of the Battle of...
  10. Tochka Information

    Tochka Information

    Information about the tochka.
  11. Way Down

    Way Down

    The way down to the entrance of the tochka.
  12. Tochka Doorway

    Tochka Doorway

    The entrance and exit of the tochka.
  13. Inside the Tochka

    Inside the Tochka

    Inside the tochka.
  14. Tochka Side

    Tochka Side

    A side view of the two front holes.
  15. Looking Through

    Looking Through

    Looking through one of the holes in the tochka to see the entrance/exit.
  16. Tochka Side

    Tochka Side

    A side view of the tochka.
  17. A Fun Time For Everyone At The Naha Bus Terminal?

    Living A Fun Time For Everyone At The Naha Bus Terminal?

    Going on a shopping spree; saving money at the 100 yen store; trying new foods and exotic fruit drinks; getting brain freeze with roll ice cream; oh, and finishing that overdue term paper at the library—all things you can do at the Naha Bus Terminal! While from the outside, this may appear to...
  18. David

    Historical Landmark Nishihara Village Wartime Underground Shelter

    I was out on a drive and took a detour through Nishihara in search for stone lions (shisa) when something interesting caught my eye to the right of me as I was passing by. I stopped the car shortly thereafter, got out, and saw what it was. It turned out to be the Nishihara Village Wartime...