1. Rob Oechsle

    Historical Landmark The Tomb Of The Lord Of Nakijin Castle

    ♦ THE TOMB OF THE LORD of NAKIJIN CASTLE --- A Very Short & Sweet (10-15 Minutes) "INDY JONES" Trail for you and your kids that's NOWHERE NEAR NAKIJIN CASTLE !!! 😊 (PINS in Caption & Below) Right up behind the kid's playground at the popular TOGUCHI BEACH in YOMITAN, there's an obscure little...
  2. David

    Hike Conical Hill

    The hike up to Conical Hill is one that most everyone can do; it's an introduction, of sorts, to getting outdoors, being active, and going on hikes around Okinawa. While some may not really consider this much of a hike as it's only roughly 200 meters or so, or close to that of two football...
  3. Rob Oechsle

    Other Hike around Kinjo Dam in Naha

    ANOTHER DAM DAY, and ANOTHER DAM HIKE --- The Triple-Tiered Trails that Run Rings around the Twin Holding Ponds of KINJO DAM, below the Walls of SHURI CASTLE A ONE-OF-A-KIND "MULTI-TREK" IN THE ANCIENT & ROYAL CAPITAL of OKINAWA ♥ LOOKING DOWN ON IT ALL : https://goo.gl/maps/W475baSq4c72 ♦...