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heiwa dori

  1. Ishiganto Stone On Kokusai Street

    Ishiganto Stone On Kokusai Street

    A fairly large ishiganto stone—typically found at Y and T intersections to ward off evil spirits as it is believed a spirit will make a turn when it encounters the stone as opposed to entering the residence that may be at the end of the path it followed—found on Kokusai Street near the entrance...
  2. Heiwa Dori – Local Shopping & Escape From Rain

    Heiwa Dori – Local Shopping & Escape From Rain

    Heiwa Dori is a street off of Kokusai Street in Naha, also connected to Ichiba Hondori through Don Quijote and side alleys and roadways, that somewhat takes you back in time in Okinawa. There's just something special about walking Heiwadori, although it turning into a tourist area, with that...
  3. What To Expect On A Trip To Kokusai Street

    Sightseeing What To Expect On A Trip To Kokusai Street

    There have been a lot of new places built for tourists in Okinawa lately. However, I believe Kokusai Street (Kokusai Dori; International Street) is the first thing that most tourists tend to visit while here. So, I thought I would give some useful information on the exciting tourist...
  4. Peering Down Heiwa Dori

    Peering Down Heiwa Dori

    A look down Heiwa Dori, a street just off Kokusai Street, in Naha.
  5. Crane Jungle

    Naha Crane Jungle

    Crane Jungle, located down Heiwa-dori, a mere 2-minute walk off Kokusai Street, brings back the nostalgic feelings of being in the 1990s with claw games, known better locally as UFO catchers. Open from 10:00 to 22:00, Crane Jungle allows a quick escape to not only entertain children (and adults...