haunted hotel

  1. Okinawa Ghost Stories

    Scary Okinawa Ghost Stories

    Obon recently passed and Halloween soon approaches. Likely you have heard some of Okinawa's ghost stories, but I've collected a few of my very favorite. If you dare, visit the sites of the stories and see if you get chills. Each time I pass one of these legendary places, my hackles raise and I...
  2. Haunted Hotel To Be Demolished

    News Haunted Hotel To Be Demolished

    The hotel goes by many names to Japanese and English speakers alike: The Royal Hotel, Takahara Hotel or Kogen Hotel. More notably, though, it gained the title of being the "haunted hotel" in Okinawa. The unfinished Takahara-Kogen Hotel sits no farther away than 50-meters (55-yards) from the...