1. David

    Opinion JEF is closed!

    JEF is a local burger shop that reminds me of growing up in a small town where burgers and cheeseburgers were anywhere from $0.50 to $0.89 in 2005! The shop where I grew up was cheaper, and better than McDonald's when they came in trying to pull a market share too. They are tentatively...
  2. Gordie's Hamburger

    Central Gordie's Hamburger

    Gordie's, sometimes referred to as a "hole in the wall" place, is a great hamburger joint in Chatan. They seem to make every burger unique, and handmade at that. They're said to have some of the best "old fashioned" [American-style] burgers that you can find on the island. Most tend to agree...
  3. Woody's International GastroPub & Grill

    South Woody's International GastroPub & Grill

    Woody's International GastroPub & Grill, or Woody's for short, is a restaurant that serves up "home-style" burgers, if your home happens to be in the Western world. Woody's serves up lunchtime soups and salads. They also have an extensive alcohol drink menu to include Orion draft beer; bottled...
  4. Maverick

    Naha Maverick

    Maverick Burger is a gourmet hamburger bar and grill that serves mouth-watering, towering, burgers with various different sides such as French fries, onion rings or even chicken nuggets, and even has their own in-house sauce that has a sweet taste followed by a slight spice. It is located in...
  5. Burger Bear

    Central Burger Bear

    Burger Bear is Okinawa's only American owned burger shop with food cooked to perfection, speedy service, and great hospitality. In addition to only serving juicy hamburgers, their menu is expanded to include sandwich favorites and hotdogs, with their chili cheese dog being everyone's touted...
  6. Pizza In

    Central Pizza In

    Pizza In is in an easily accessible spot relatively close to Kadena Gate 1, just behind the Family Mart, with plenty of parking spots available. They offer a thin crust all you can eat pizza buffet for under $10 every day of the week to include a salad bar as well as free drink refills on sodas...