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    GUIDE How To Embed Items Into Posts

    It's a fairly simple process of embedding multiple types of media from different sources on this forum into any post. Most users will see this toolbar: You will want to select the three dots in followed by the dropdown triangle as seen below: This will open up the option of embedding a...
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    GUIDE Usage of "Okinawa Photographers" Forum

    We certainly have the space to attach a RAW file (DNG preferable) to any image posted, even if you choose to post a smaller output of 2048 on the long end (Photoshop CC) if you choose to "Attach files" within a thread. Though we would prefer you to use the Media Gallery, create your own album...
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    INFO The Difference Between "Okinawa Pin Drops" and "Places"

    Finding things to do in Okinawa can be a daunting task, whether you're planning a trip to come here or have been here a while already but just ran out of ideas. That is why we separated Places from our Okinawa Pin Drops forum. These areas of Okinawa.Org serve two distinct purposes. "Places"...
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    GUIDE Posting in Okinawa Pin Drops

    Unlike other forums on Okinawa.Org, Okinawa Pin Drops does not have a quick post option, as seen below, as all other forums on desktop and mobile do. This is because there are required fields, as well as a Google Places autocomplete field, to help you find coordinates much easier...