golden week

  1. Celebrate Children's Day At Home

    Holiday Celebrate Children's Day At Home

    If you have tried to plan out your trip to Okinawa, Japan around any May, you have probably heard of this largest Japanese holiday called Golden Week. Golden Week consists of a series of four national holidays which are Showa Day (Apri 29), Constitution Day (May 3), Green Day (May 4), and...
  2. Golden Week: Ten Day Consecutive Holiday Begins Today

    News Golden Week: Ten Day Consecutive Holiday Begins Today

    Today marks the beginning of the longest Golden Week for the first time in Japan's history which will greatly affect business throughout Okinawa. April 29th and May 3rd to May 6th were already designated as holidays in 2019 to make up Golden Week. These days are Shōwa Day, a day that honors...