1. David

    INFO 2019 Okinawa Octoberfest × Okinawa Food Flea

    Is the 49th Naha Tug-of-War Festival not your cup of beer? Try out 2019 Okinawa Octoberfest and Okinawa Food Flea instead! Beers and food from around the world will be served by various vendors. While some will accept credit, it's advisable to bring yen as well to open yourself up to try a...
  2. Futenma, Ginowan

    Futenma, Ginowan

  3. Ginowan


  4. David

    Scenic Spot Ginowan By-pass Seawall

    If you're looking for an urban setting in the Ginowan area along a seawall to either photograph or to watch the perfect sunset in a diffusely populated area, the seawall behind the Ginowan By-pass (leading to Camp Foster) is the place to be. The pinned location leads you to a great viewing spot...
  5. Sunset on 06/15/2019

    Sunset on 06/15/2019

    A sunset captured along a seawall in a diffusely populated area of Ginowan.
  6. Tochka Information

    Tochka Information

    Information about the tochka.
  7. Way Down

    Way Down

    The way down to the entrance of the tochka.
  8. Tochka Doorway

    Tochka Doorway

    The entrance and exit of the tochka.
  9. Inside the Tochka

    Inside the Tochka

    Inside the tochka.
  10. Tochka Side

    Tochka Side

    A side view of the two front holes.
  11. Looking Through

    Looking Through

    Looking through one of the holes in the tochka to see the entrance/exit.
  12. Tochka Side

    Tochka Side

    A side view of the tochka.
  13. Tomiya Housing

    Central Tomiya Housing

    Tomiya Housing, serving Okinawa since 1976, is a real-estate agency in Okinawa with a primary focus on international clients seeking to reside in Okinawa. They cater to the needs of U.S. military members, SOFA status civilians, and contractors, as well as local Japanese residents with the proper...
  14. Cafe Orleans

    Central Cafe Orleans

    This modest-sized restaurant located on Route 81/330 near Camp Foster's hospital and Legion gate serves some of the best authentic American-style Creole quinine on the island that is not only good but has great flavor and uses the freshest ingredients as well. Cafe Orleans brings New Orleans...
  15. Tetera

    Central Tetera

    Tetera is a restaurant in Okinawa with a simple Mexican cuisine, one that can’t be missed if you happen to be driving northbound or southbound on Route 81—the roadway running alongside Camp Foster to the hospital gate (that eventually turns into Route 330 before the Legion gate). Outside the...
  16. Burger Bear

    Central Burger Bear

    Burger Bear is Okinawa's only American owned burger shop with food cooked to perfection, speedy service, and great hospitality. In addition to only serving juicy hamburgers, their menu is expanded to include sandwich favorites and hotdogs, with their chili cheese dog being everyone's touted...