1. Okinawa

    Game The Five Letter Word Game

    Since five letters were used in the four letter word game by accident, but corrected, I felt that there should also be a five letter word game on Okinawa.Org as well. I've played several variants of this game with both four and five letters as well as with different rules. Since the player in...
  2. Celebrate Crossword Puzzle Day – Okinawa Edition!

    Game Celebrate Crossword Puzzle Day – Okinawa Edition!

    Looking for something fun to do this morning before possibly going out to enjoy a wonderful Saturday afternoon in Okinawa? So are millions of other people around the world. Today is the 21st of December, which might not mean much to most, except it finally being one day closer to getting able...
  3. Snow

    Game Let's Play Shiritori!

    As explained in the thread on how to play shiritori, we're going to start a thread to play the game to expand your vocabulary. House rules: The word must be a noun. You can type it in hiragana, katakana, or kanji but you must also place it in romaji so that it is readable for all. The word...
  4. Snow

    Fun Learn Japanese by playing a game!

    Japanese words can be difficult for some to memorize. While the sentence structure is necessary to know, basic vocabulary is just as important in order to minimally understand the gist of a conversation. In Japan, there is a popular game that school-aged kids like to play—Shiritori. The rules...
  5. Okinawa

    Game The Four Letter Word Game

    Rules Change only one letter of the word in any position. No pictures unless it matches the word, but the word must be in text and accompany the picture (ex: second post). No videos. Example: "pear" change any one letter and make "peer". This is a game to play on a rainy day or one that...