1. Waku Waku Kidsland

    Naha Waku Waku Kidsland

    Waku Waku Kidsland is an amazing place that you can take your children to play indoors on a rainy day or to escape the sun or to even tire them out, while in Naha. It features a dedicated play area for babies and an indoor playground. The indoor playground is equipped with a large ball pit that...
  2. Rob Oechsle

    Other Hike around Kinjo Dam in Naha

    ANOTHER DAM DAY, and ANOTHER DAM HIKE --- The Triple-Tiered Trails that Run Rings around the Twin Holding Ponds of KINJO DAM, below the Walls of SHURI CASTLE A ONE-OF-A-KIND "MULTI-TREK" IN THE ANCIENT & ROYAL CAPITAL of OKINAWA ♥ LOOKING DOWN ON IT ALL : ♦...
  3. Swim, Soak Up Sun, Have A Beer & More At Chura SUN Beach

    Beach Swim, Soak Up Sun, Have A Beer & More At Chura SUN Beach

    As you can probably name a lot of things that you would like to do at a beach, finding the beach that allows you to do all of the things you want to do could be just a little difficult. Let's say, you'd love to go for a swim in the water and what you'd want after you get your feet back on the...
  4. Snow

    Game Let's Play Shiritori!

    As explained in the thread on how to play shiritori, we're going to start a thread to play the game to expand your vocabulary. House rules: The word must be a noun. You can type it in hiragana, katakana, or kanji but you must also place it in romaji so that it is readable for all. The word...
  5. Snow

    Fun Learn Japanese by playing a game!

    Japanese words can be difficult for some to memorize. While the sentence structure is necessary to know, basic vocabulary is just as important in order to minimally understand the gist of a conversation. In Japan, there is a popular game that school-aged kids like to play—Shiritori. The rules...
  6. Camp Out On Kitanashiro Beach In Itoman!

    Adventure Camp Out On Kitanashiro Beach In Itoman!

    A frequently asked question amongst people on Okinawa Questions pages and those interested in coming here is where to find a great camping spot on the beach. Okinawa, being an island, has a lot of coastlines. Because of that, there are plenty of areas to set up camp. However, some of those...
  7. Okinawa

    Game The Four Letter Word Game

    Rules Change only one letter of the word in any position. No pictures unless it matches the word, but the word must be in text and accompany the picture (ex: second post). No videos. Example: "pear" change any one letter and make "peer". This is a game to play on a rainy day or one that...
  8. David

    Fun The Banheiro Of Okinawa

    Nobody likes public restrooms, it's like rolling dice on whether or not the facilities will be clean. The likelihood of that in Okinawa is quite low, though. A lot of them are well maintained, apart from the usual flooding that occurs because of rainwaters, and even forms of art on the outside...
  9. Beach-Bum

    Fun Manhole Covers: A Fun Scavenger Hunt

    Manhole covers- The name alone makes you think of storm drains or worse yet, the underground highway of toilet waste blech, but certainly not something that would grab your interest. In the US, they're pretty basic designs. In Japan, most of the designs reflect the prefecture, icons of a city...
  10. David

    Adventure Two Alternatives to the Stairway to Heaven

    This thread is for the general discussion of the Article Two Alternatives to the Stairway to Heaven. Please add to the discussion here.
  11. Club SEGA

    Central Club SEGA

    Club Sega is an arcade located in the heart of American Village that offers games that the whole family can enjoy, from little tikes to adults. The games range from simple quick push-button games to catch (or smash) characters on a screen for the little ones, to Mario Cart for the teens and UFO...
  12. Ferris Wheel

    Central Ferris Wheel

    A must do while in Okinawa for a short stay or long term is to ride the iconic Okinawa Ferris Wheel, or SKYMAX 60 rather, with friends, family, or on a date at least once to take in some breathtaking views of each corner of the island from atop. It is located on the 3rd floor of Carnival Park in...
  13. Southern Hill Sports World

    South Southern Hill Sports World

    Southern Hill Sports World in Haebaru, Okinawa has various activities that you can enjoy alone or with friends and family. They offer the only place to go ice skating in Okinawa, which is a dream come true to stay active but remain cool come the summer months; a bowling alley; batting cages...