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  1. David

    Photo Cheeruphanabi Throughout Japan!

    It was kind of neat knowing that all of Japan came together at 2000 on June 1st, 2020, to celebrate "cheeruphanabi" or, "cheer up [firework (show)]". Each of Japan's 47 prefectures put on a 5-minute firework display throughout Japan. I'm unsure of the locations in other prefectures or if they...
  2. Cheeruphanabi (Cheer Up Fireworks) – Urasoe

    Cheeruphanabi (Cheer Up Fireworks) – Urasoe

    Cheeruphanabi (hanabi is Japanese for fireworks) was a firework display simultaneously going on around all 47 prefectures in Japan on June 1st at 2000 to cheer us up about all the woes we've gone through the past couple of months with the pandemic that appears we've beat without lockdowns.
  3. 42nd Urasoe Tedako Festival Fireworks

    42nd Urasoe Tedako Festival Fireworks

    Fireworks popping off right over my head at the 42nd Urasoe Tedako Festival.
  4. E

    42nd Urasoe Tedako Festival

    The Urasoe Tedako Festival offers a wide variety of cultural performances and a firework spectacular at the end. Visitors can participate in a drum carnival, watch traditional performing arts such as Eisa dancers and partake in a lot of different activities as well as enjoy food from various...