1. David

    Opinion How is COVID-19 affecting you in general?

    Generally speaking, what impact has COVID-19 had on you, be it in Okinawa or around the world? I am seeing a lot of PCS/military cease movements and quarantines outside of Okinawa, and, it might spread to Japan and Okinawa as well with the US being hit hard. My home state, Washington...
  2. What Connects You?

    What Connects You?

    What connects you to other people in life?
  3. Camp Out On Kitanashiro Beach In Itoman!

    Adventure Camp Out On Kitanashiro Beach In Itoman!

    A frequently asked question amongst people on Okinawa Questions pages and those interested in coming here is where to find a great camping spot on the beach. Okinawa, being an island, has a lot of coastlines. Because of that, there are plenty of areas to set up camp. However, some of those...