1. Okinawa

    INFO Art Exhibition At Ryubo in Naha

    For the past 35 years, self-taught Okinawan painter Hirokazu Akamine has been collecting local and international awards for his paintings. And for 15 years, Akamine-sensei has been endeavoring to pass his knowledge to artists on Okinawa. Over these years, more than 80 students have learned a...
  2. Okinawa Regional Customs Exhibit Of Confiscated Items

    Crime Okinawa Regional Customs Exhibit Of Confiscated Items

    Fortunately, with the hard work and efforts set forth by Okinawa Regional Customs, the drug, and even gun trafficking, is to a minimal. I want to hope at near-zero, but, I'm keen to believe some still slips through, as it does everywhere. There's a quint, quick and free exhibit Naha on the...