english teachers

  1. chris

    DISCUSS Starting an English school in Okinawa from scratch

    Ok Dave i agree with your businesses and tourist zones being open but i 100% disagree with your opinion on English teachers. I disagree because i am an English teacher who is laid off. I can tell 100% truthfully there are no schools offering lessons and there are no English schools open at this...
  2. J

    Opening Elip Okinawa – Baby Room Teacher

    Early Learners International Preschool School is looking for happy, hardworking, and energetic people to be a part of our team, immediately. Interested candidates must submit a professional resume and background check for consideration. Hours for this position are from 1200 to 1800 PM...
  3. J

    Opening DUO International Language School Seeking English Teachers

    DUO International Language school is hiring part-time English teachers for various locations on Okinawa. Competitive starting pay No experience necessary Teacher training provided Teaching materials provided Opportunities to learn more about Japanese culture/language For more information...