1. How To Make Monjayaki At The Table

    Eat How To Make Monjayaki At The Table

    Here's a quick question for you to answer: Have you ever heard of or tried monjayaki before? If the answer to that was no, then this is a must-read for you! While sushi is known to be the most famous Japanese food, monjayaki—often called monja—has become very popular amongst tourists recently...
  2. E

    2019 Naha Curry Grand Prix

    The 2019 Naha Curry Grand Prix will be held on Saturday, November 2, and Sunday, November 3, from 1100 to 1600 at Tomarin Park in Naha. The fee is 1000 yen which includes 2 half-sized plates of curry and rice as well as a ticket to vote for your favorite. Soft drinks, beer, awamori, and...
  3. Okinawa Fear Factor Food

    Eat Okinawa Fear Factor Food

    When we very first got to Okinawa, we were eager to try all the new foodstuffs. Many items looked strange and exciting. But we found one item that looked comfortable and familiar. Six doughnut holes topped with creamy icing and what looked like a garnish of chocolate. We popped one in and, "What...