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  1. David

    Opinion Great Artists In Okinawa – Elizabeth Gomez

    There are so many talented artists in Okinawa, whether it be from water painting to sketching and even photography—I've met so many that have helped me on Okinawa.Org projects as well as upcoming projects not yet released. In my early days, I had almost no idea what I was doing with my Canon...
  2. "Watermarked" Water Painting Of Dragon Boat

    "Watermarked" Water Painting Of Dragon Boat

    Here's a "watermarked" (pun intended) version of @[264:@Elizabeth Gomez] 's print that she gave to me of one of my photos taken. I was very delighted to get it and can't wait to find the right frame to put it in in order to hang.
  3. Dragon Boat Ashore!

    Dragon Boat Ashore!

    Here is a dragon boat designed specifically for dragon boat races (hari) found on Kitanashiro Beach in Itoman.