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  1. David

    Park Santinmo Park & Observation Tower

    Santinmo Park (marked on Google Maps as Santenmo Park, but pinned below) is a great kid-friendly and dog-friendly place to visit with some sceneic views of Itoman, Okinawa, the East China Sea and 360 degrees all around. This is because it has an observation tower smack dab in the park that lets...
  2. Marron, Our Mascot, Our Family

    Marron, Our Mascot, Our Family

    Marron, our mascot, and apart of our family, is a rescue from Okinawan-American Animal Rescue Society ("OAARS"). It's been a little over a year since we've taken her to this hidden gem in Itoman, but, she thoroughly enjoys it there finding new crabs to make friends with.
  3. David

    Hike Conical Hill

    The hike up to Conical Hill is one that most everyone can do; it's an introduction, of sorts, to getting outdoors, being active, and going on hikes around Okinawa. While some may not really consider this much of a hike as it's only roughly 200 meters or so, or close to that of two football...
  4. Peace Memorial Park Children's Playground

    Fun Peace Memorial Park Children's Playground

    If you have one or more children that constantly need your attention, and especially if their ages are apart, you might have been exhausted every single day trying to figure out what could tire them out. But that was till yesterday! I always wished that there had been a place that could...
  5. David

    Beach Yamashiro Coast

    Yamashiro Coast is a beautiful strip of beach and coral coastline, when the tide is out, in Itoman which is almost near the most southern tip of Okinawa. It has lots to offer everyone: It's a great place to relax in the sun, build sandcastles with the kids, take the dogs for a walk, go...
  6. Google Maps Aerial Reconnaissance In Okinawa?

    Adventure Google Maps Aerial Reconnaissance In Okinawa?

    Google Maps is an excellent starting point in finding things to do in Okinawa. You may click around place to place, or even do a search for something you want to find such as "Okinawa beach". Searching for this term will undoubtedly bring up all the popular beaches in Okinawa to include...
  7. David

    Park Stairway to Heaven

    The Stairway to Heaven is in Chatan, Okinawa. It can easily be located as it's right outside Camp Foster's Firehouse Gate (Gate 3). It leads directly up 268 steps to the outer perimeter of Plaza Housing and is a grueling leg workout. From the base, it doesn't look that tough. However, the steps...
  8. A Beach That You Probably Didn't Even Know Existed

    Beach A Beach That You Probably Didn't Even Know Existed

    As Okinawa is surrounded by water, you don't need to travel very far to find a beach. However, you sometimes might need to go out of your way in order to satisfy your entire family, pets included. There's a beach that you might be passing day-in-day-out on your way to work, to and from PARCO...
  9. David

    Beach Senaha Beach

    Senaha Beach in Yomitan is a wonderful beach for swimming, snorkeling, tide pooling, having a barbeque, kayaking, exploring the sea caves, and even camping out for the night. Even though the tide is out in this picture, it shows you that even though it's a fairly small beach, there are...
  10. Experience Tranquility And Breathtaking Views At Kakinohana Hija Spring

    Adventure Experience Tranquility And Breathtaking Views At Kakinohana Hija Spring

    If you want to get away from it all and relax with tranquility all around you while being able to see breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, the Kakinohana Hija Spring in Nanjo is the perfect place to go for the morning or afternoon, alone or with guests. To access the spring, it is...
  11. Camp Out On Kitanashiro Beach In Itoman!

    Adventure Camp Out On Kitanashiro Beach In Itoman!

    A frequently asked question amongst people on Okinawa Questions pages and those interested in coming here is where to find a great camping spot on the beach. Okinawa, being an island, has a lot of coastlines. Because of that, there are plenty of areas to set up camp. However, some of those...
  12. Fun For Everyone At Treehouse Adventure Playground

    Adventure Fun For Everyone At Treehouse Adventure Playground

    Looking for a day outdoors of fun-filled play and discovery for the whole family? Treehouse Adventure Playground in Urasoe is just what you may be looking for! Not only does the place have a gorgeous playground to have your little ones play, but it's also for adults to embark on a little...