cinema palette

  1. Star Theaters Members Card

    Living Star Theaters Members Card

    It doesn't matter which side of the world that you came from to get to Okinawa, loving to watch movies is something that most of us have in common. I know some people love to watch TV in their homes in a totally comfortable atmosphere. However, I believe a lot would still rather go to the...
  2. Palette Kumoji

    Naha Palette Kumoji

    Palette Kumoji, also known as Ryubo Department Store, is a low to high-end department store located on the southernmost corner of Kokusai Street in Naha. Palette Kumoji is divided into 12 separate floors—two being basement level—that provide shoppers anything from a quick bite at the fast-food...
  3. Cinema Palette

    Naha Cinema Palette

    Cinemas Palette is located on the top floor of Palette Kumoji (Ryubo Department Store), located on the most southwardly end of Kokusai Street, in Naha City. It offers international movies in their native language with Japanese subtitles (look for: 字) as well as Japanese produced movies and...