1. Depot Island

    Depot Island

    Depot Island is a great place to go while in Okinawa: it has everything from shopping to eating and drinking. However, due to the more recent events, Depot Island looks more like a modern-day Gilligan's Island with just about every shop closed and the area empty. We can't wait until we return to...
  2. Happy Hour!

    Happy Hour!

    This isn't quite the image that we wanted to work on, but was very fitting for the founder's—@David—birthday as he's kicking back a couple of chuhais during happy hour(s) tonight!
  3. The Beach Tower Okinawa

    Central The Beach Tower Okinawa

    The Beach Tower Okinawa is a towering and iconic 4-star hotel that overlooks Sunset Beach and the East China Sea in Mihama. The hotel is mere minutes by foot away from shopping at the AEON Chatan mall as well as shopping, entertainment and a plethora of restaurants to choose from in American...
  4. After Sunset: Sunset Beach Entrance

    After Sunset: Sunset Beach Entrance

    The entryway to Sunset Beach in Chatan, Okinawa, far past sunset.
  5. Sidelines Sports Bar and Grille

    Central Sidelines Sports Bar and Grille

    Sidelines Sports Bar and Grille is a bar and grill near Miyagi Coast on the Sunabe seawall in Chatan. While the food, such as their deliciously and fresh cooked burgers; drinks; and the late-night fun you can have here is one thing, the friendly staff that work at Sidelines can't be ignored...
  6. Pizzeria Bella Napoli

    Central Pizzeria Bella Napoli

    Pizzeria Bella Napoli is a pizza shop based out of Chatan in close proximity to Kadena Air Force Base. The restaurant boasts a beautiful East China Sea view from just about every comfortable seating position inside as it overlooks the Sunabe seawall from its third-floor location. Bella Napoli is...
  7. Gordie's Hamburger

    Central Gordie's Hamburger

    Gordie's, sometimes referred to as a "hole in the wall" place, is a great hamburger joint in Chatan. They seem to make every burger unique, and handmade at that. They're said to have some of the best "old fashioned" [American-style] burgers that you can find on the island. Most tend to agree...
  8. E

    2019 Chatan Industrial Festival

    The Chatan Industrial Festival is a free festival that includes the 8th Chamber of Commerce Fair, the C-1 Chatan Gourmet Fair, and a meat festival as well. The event will take place at the Chatan Baseball Stadium, near AEON Chatan, on November 9 and 10, 2019, from 1000 to 1700.
  9. Taj Okinawa

    Central Taj Okinawa

    Taj Okinawa, located on Route 23 in Chatan, is an authentic Indian restaurant serving up a variety of different kinds of curries and other Indian cuisines for lunch and dinner. Some of which include tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, and soups. In addition to the Indian-style food served, they...
  10. Miyagi's Junkyard

    Central Miyagi's Junkyard

    Miyagi's Junkyard, located in Chatan, is a full-fledged auto junkyard. Apart from being able to find used car parts and tires, which they will mount for you at very reasonable rates, there are also services provided at this junkyard that is unique to that of Japan. You can junk your car at...
  11. East-West Montessori School

    Central East-West Montessori School

    East-West Montessori School utilizes the Montessori Method developed by Italian physician, Dr. Maria Montessori, in which the teachers direct the children to the path that they're ready to take. The method does so by allowing the children's own natural curiosity and sense of wonder to guide them...
  12. Hamasushi Chatan Ihei

    Central Hamasushi Chatan Ihei

    Hamasushi (Hamazushi) is a popular sushi-go-round, or conveyor belt sushi, restaurant in Okinawa, Japan. The Hamasushi Ihei (Chatan) Branch offers indoor seating as well as the option of a drive-through, defeating the purpose of the atmosphere, so to speak, but still allows for the freshest and...
  13. Barber Kadena Military Cuts

    Central Barber Kadena Military Cuts

    Barber Kadena Military Cuts offers U.S. military regulation haircuts with most of the staff being former employees of a company under an AAFES contract until it expired and was unable to be renegotiated. Combined, the barbers have decades of experience under their belt for the perfect cut. If...
  14. David

    Park Stairway to Heaven

    The Stairway to Heaven is in Chatan, Okinawa. It can easily be located as it's right outside Camp Foster's Firehouse Gate (Gate 3). It leads directly up 268 steps to the outer perimeter of Plaza Housing and is a grueling leg workout. From the base, it doesn't look that tough. However, the steps...
  15. Chatan Mascot (colored)

    Chatan Mascot (colored)

    Coordinates: 26.3161417, 127.756813
  16. Chatan


  17. Pet Box – Chatan

    Central Pet Box – Chatan

    Pet Box is a pet and pet supply store located in Mihama, Chatan, where humans along with their companions, if leashed, are also welcome. They sell pets to include dogs; cats; fish, both saltwater and freshwater; rodents, such as hamsters and rats; reptiles; and specialty bugs like spiders and...
  18. US Contractor Arrested On Suspicion Of Causing Fatal Accident

    News US Contractor Arrested On Suspicion Of Causing Fatal Accident

    CHATAN – At approximately 8:10 a.m. on May 26, Nicholas Christenson, 38, a contractor out of Kadena Air Base, was involved in a collision which resulted in the fatality of Isao Toriumi, 39, a motorcyclist at an intersection of Route 58 in Chatan. In a statement to the police, the US civilian...
  19. Sunset on 04/01/2019

    Sunset on 04/01/2019

    A sunset that was taken in a secluded beach area of central Okinawa.
  20. CRAYz Chicken N' Waffles

    Central CRAYz Chicken N' Waffles

    CRAYz Chicken N' Waffles is a cozy little restaurant on the Sunabe Seawall that serves a variety of waffles, to include everything from the standard waffle to in-house combinations such as their Chunky Monkey which is made and/or topped with with chocolate, peacan, and banana. There's also the...