1. Pet Box – Chatan

    Central Pet Box – Chatan

    Pet Box is a pet and pet supply store located in Mihama, Chatan, where humans along with their companions, if leashed, are also welcome. They sell pets to include dogs; cats; fish, both saltwater and freshwater; rodents, such as hamsters and rats; reptiles; and specialty bugs like spiders and...
  2. US Contractor Arrested On Suspicion Of Causing Fatal Accident

    News US Contractor Arrested On Suspicion Of Causing Fatal Accident

    CHATAN – At approximately 8:10 a.m. on May 26, Nicholas Christenson, 38, a contractor out of Kadena Air Base, was involved in a collision which resulted in the fatality of Isao Toriumi, 39, a motorcyclist at an intersection of Route 58 in Chatan. In a statement to the police, the US civilian...
  3. Sunset on 04/01/2019

    Sunset on 04/01/2019

    A sunset that was taken in a secluded beach area of central Okinawa.
  4. CRAYz Chicken N' Waffles

    Central CRAYz Chicken N' Waffles

    CRAYz Chicken N' Waffles is a cozy little restaurant on the Sunabe Seawall that serves a variety of waffles, to include everything from the standard waffle to in-house combinations such as their Chunky Monkey which is made and/or topped with with chocolate, peacan, and banana. There's also the...
  5. E-Z Pay

    Central E-Z Pay

    E-Z Pay is one of the most convenient and easiest ways to paying your bills while on Okinawa—hence their name. What E-Z Pay does is take the hassle out of paying your bills by connecting your U.S. bank account to withdraw dollars. Once withdrawn, they then convert it to yen and pay all the local...
  6. Wee Care International Preschool

    Central Wee Care International Preschool

    Wee Care International Preschool in Chatan that believes between birth to the age of six are the most important developmental years of a child's life. That is why they focus on the needs of the individual child, providing a complete academic up-to-date curriculum with experiences that enhance...
  7. Okinawa White Dental Clinic

    Central Okinawa White Dental Clinic

    Okinawa White Dental Clinic in Okinawa provides general dentistry services, performs root canals, does teeth whitening, and offers orthodontics. They pride themselves on having friendly and considerate staff that will ensure you receive a clear explanation on what is needed for your specific...
  8. Iron Horse Screen Printing

    Central Iron Horse Screen Printing

    Iron Horse Screen Printing is a full-fledged screen printing company on Okinawa that is able to put your logo or picture on just about any type of surface or material. They can put vinyl stickers of your business logo or other design of your choice on your car window or panels to add local...
  9. DoCoMo Shop Chatan

    Central DoCoMo Shop Chatan

    DoCoMo is one of the top three cellphone carriers in Okinawa. This particular branch offers both DoCoMo phones and plans as well as Disney Mobile, a Disney-NTT partnership, phones and plans. There are very friendly staff that will greet you at the door. If you are unable to speak Japanese, they...
  10. Busy Bee International School

    Central Busy Bee International School

    Busy Bee International School enables children, pre-school to sixth grade, to expand their knowledge by introducing them to the plethora of subjects that they would encounter in any other school with a hint of Japanese and cultural lessons as well. They also have additional extracurricular...
  11. Master Sun

    Central Master Sun

    Master Sun Tanning Salon is easily accessible and quick to get to for those in the Ginowan to Yomitan area (Futenma to Torii Station) in order to stay tan all year round in Okinawa. They have competitive pricing in comparison to other places and many beds to choose from, each of which provides a...
  12. Exchange Chance Center

    Central Exchange Chance Center

    Exchange Chance Center makes both exchanging money from 12 different foreign currencies to Yen and from Yen to U.S. Dollar easy without any long wait times and at the best rates possible. In addition to exchanging currencies, you can also pick up and drop off money through Western Union at...
  13. Club SEGA

    Central Club SEGA

    Club Sega is an arcade located in the heart of American Village that offers games that the whole family can enjoy, from little tikes to adults. The games range from simple quick push-button games to catch (or smash) characters on a screen for the little ones, to Mario Cart for the teens and UFO...
  14. Sunrise

    Central Sunrise

    Sunrise is located in American Village and is a retro ‘50s American style diner. They specialize in the Philly Cheesesteak and have a good portion size for the price. Sunrise has a welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff to take your order with indoor and outdoor seating.
  15. Steakhouse 88 – Chatan

    Central Steakhouse 88 – Chatan

    Steakhouse 88 in Chatan offers their customers a unique ‘80s American-style atmosphere with seating for 300. All the favorite steaks, to include Ishigaki beef, are served at this location. Along with the mouth-watering steaks you may choose from the classic favorite soups, cream soups, or the...
  16. Okinawa Chiropractic Center

    Central Okinawa Chiropractic Center

    Okinawa Chiropractic Center has offered real American-style chiropractic treatment—based upon tried and true principles as well as the most widely-used techniques and methods from America—since 2005. OCC provides traditional full-spine Chiropractic analysis and adjustments using a variety of...
  17. Wing King

    Central Wing King

    The Wing King is a popular restaurant for anyone that wants a taste of the American-style chicken wing. They specialize in Everyone's favorite, the buffalo wing. Though, they have 10 different flavors to offer to satisfy the flavor palette of just about anyone with honey mustard being one of the...
  18. RUN OKI

    Central RUN OKI

    While in Okinawa, be it in the summer or winter time, it's hard to miss the RUN OKI apparel brand being worn about by both locals and visitors alike. RUN OKI is an original Okinawa brand that was established in 2011 with a design that is inspired by the popular American hip hop group Run-DMC...
  19. Vessel Hotel Campana

    Central Vessel Hotel Campana

    Campana provides great views of the East China Sea and is surrounded by shops, eateries, and bars as it's located right in the middle of Depot Island. Additionally, there is bowling, amusement centers, and a shopping mall within minutes on foot. Araha Beach is also accessible and a short walk...
  20. Hilton Chatan

    Central Hilton Chatan

    Hilton Okinawa Chatan Resort overlooks the East China Sea and is within walking distance of American Village and Depot Island. Araha Beach is accessible to visitors with a quick 30-minute walk. The Hilton rooms have custom bedding, flat screen televisions, minifridges, and tea and coffee makers...