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central okinawa

  1. Goodwill – Chatan

    Central Goodwill – Chatan

    Goodwill is a unique electronics store that mainly specializes in computers, computer peripherals and computer accessories. One will find everything from an obscure wire, that may only be needed one time, to a typical USB cable or computer mouse in stock in the store. They also sell all the...
  2. B.C. Used Cars – Chatan

    Central B.C. Used Cars – Chatan

    B.C. Used Cars takes care of the entire registration process without hidden fees and offers service-members a 24-month payment plan at 0% interest. Additionally, they have insurance agents available in the store to assist you with getting the necessary insurance for driving on base and in Japan...
  3. Edoya Exchange – Mihama

    Central Edoya Exchange – Mihama

    Edoya Exchange makes it easy to exchange yen to 14 different foreign currencies and back, with the exception of coins, at a good rate and fast service. There is also a service to ship money instead of going into the physical locations, though, this can take upwards of 3 days to receive. They...
  4. Cheers Bar

    Central Cheers Bar

    Cheers Bar is a sports style bar & grill with a great atmosphere and excellent food to accompany it. The place is said by many to have some of the best wings on the island, though, they also have plenty of other menu items to choose from. It is located near the waterfront in American Village...
  5. AEON Chatan

    Central AEON Chatan

    AEON Chatan, easily spottable as it is adjacent from the iconic Okinawa Ferris Wheel, SKYMAX 60, has several individual and specialty shops as well as AEON departments scattered throughout the standardized shopping center style on both floors. The first floor features a grocer with a bakery...
  6. Mihama 7 Plex

    Central Mihama 7 Plex

    Mihama 7 Plex is located in Mihama, a district of Chatan, between AEON Chatan and American Village. It offers international movies in their native language with Japanese subtitles (look for: 字) as well as Japanese produced movies and Japanese dubbed international films.
  7. Red Lobster – American Village

    Central Red Lobster – American Village

    Red Lobster employs three important qualities: The quality of the food served, the value in which they provide, and more importantly, the customer satisfaction provided. In order to fulfill the mission of quality foods served, two shipments of fresh lobster caught in Canadian waters arrive each...
  8. Auto Shop Z – Kadena

    Central Auto Shop Z – Kadena

    Auto Shop Z is a Veteran Owned and Operated car dealership located outside Gate 1 of Kadena AB in-between the Family Mart and gas station. They offer quality used cars while delivering world-renowned customer service as they place their customers above all else. All cars will be inspected and...
  9. Sunny-Net

    Central Sunny-Net

    Sunny-Net is an off-based internet service provider offering three types of distinct services: Basic internet; HIKARI, an internet service done in collaboration with NTT West, offered to homes; and a neXtreme package with an option of a shared or dedicated line for apartment complexes. Their...
  10. Pizza In

    Central Pizza In

    Pizza In is in an easily accessible spot relatively close to Kadena Gate 1, just behind the Family Mart, with plenty of parking spots available. They offer a thin crust all you can eat pizza buffet for under $10 every day of the week to include a salad bar as well as free drink refills on sodas...
  11. GI Bill Pay

    Central GI Bill Pay

    Living in a foreign country on top of having a busy work schedule that doesn't align with Japanese holidays can make it a hassle to pay your bills in a timely manner to avoid any outages, be it gas or cellular. GI Bill Pay eliminates this by providing a safe and reliable service to pay all your...
  12. Asian Nail & Hair Salon

    Central Asian Nail & Hair Salon

    Asian Nail & Hair Salon, located in American Village next to the SEGA Amusement Center and bowling alley, offers an array of different beauty services. They not only offer competitive pricing for quality acrylic and gel nail styles and designs but also offer manicure and pedicures along with...
  13. US Auto Sales

    Central US Auto Sales

    US Auto Sales (est. 1994), conveniently located within walking distance out of Kadena AB Gate 1, offers a wide selection of various different SUVs, wagons, vans, sedans, and even sports cars equipped with turbo and manual options for military members and local residents. If you're unable to find...
  14. au Shop Mihama

    Central au Shop Mihama

    Conveniently located in the Mihama—or the American Village district of Chatan—this au Shop provides quality service to English speaking customers that are unable to access the services provided on military installations. While the phone specifications may only be found only in their in-store...
  15. fotoShisa Photography

    Central fotoShisa Photography

    fotoShisa Photography, by Australian native Pete Leong with 20 years of experience, is an Okinawa and destination wedding photographer. fotoShisa offers various photography services such as destination wedding shoots, to include overseas weddings; various photo packages; underwater photo...
  16. Chance Center – 58

    Central Chance Center – 58

    Chance Center is a money exchange center that also serves as a Western Union pick up and drop off point for sending and receiving cash to friends and family overseas. Conveniently located on the northbound side of Route 58 past Camp Foster, they are able to exchange 12 foreign currencies, to...
  17. Bollywood Jewel

    Central Bollywood Jewel

    Bollywood Jewel is an award-winning restaurant of the famous yearly C-1 Chatan Gourmet Battle. It is where the flavors and spices of India come to life. Bollywood Jewel opened its doors on January 21st, 2017 with the intention of providing the best of service along with the best of quality and...
  18. Bollywood Dreams

    Central Bollywood Dreams

    Bollywood Dreams is an award-winning restaurant of the famous yearly C-1 Chatan Gourmet Battle. It is where the flavors and spices of India come to life. Bollywood Dreams opened its doors on July 25th, 2010 with the goal of providing the best of service along with the best of quality and great...