casual japanese

  1. Orion Beer Lanterns

    Orion Beer Lanterns

    When you see these Orion beer lanterns hanging across a storefront, you can almost immediately tell that it'll be a fun place if you're a drinker. And if not, it might still turn out to be an excellent place to mingle with locals and practice your Japanese.
  2. Snow

    Lesson Using Japanese in a Restaurant

    One of the first situations that you might come across to practice your Japanese might be in a restaurant when ordering food. So, here is some easy casual Japanse that you can learn and actually use in a restaurant. Most of the time that you are with friends you are probably using verbs in your...
  3. Snow

    Lesson Quick and simple casual Japanese lesson

    Generally, Japanese is spoken in two ways. One of which is formal while the other is casual. Although leaning the formal way might be what most people think is best, it's not often used amongst friends. As such, it can be difficult for you to understand what people around you are talking about...