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Waku Waku Kidsland is an amazing place that you can take your children to play indoors on a rainy day or to escape the sun or to even tire them out, while in Naha. It features a dedicated play area for babies and an indoor playground. The indoor playground is equipped with a large ball pit that has a slide going into it, obstacles, and a trampoline, with tunnels that connect it all together. There are also other play areas such as a "merry go round" of hanging coconuts, a room filled with balloons that blow them around to be caught, a dress-up and make-believe area, a rock-climbing wall, and more.

They even have a restaurant inside if you or your kids happen to work up a hunger after all that playing.
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  • Fun games for children
  • Power outlets at counter seating
  • Both/Parents have entrance fee
  • Food could be a bit better
I really loved taking our daughter to Waku Waku Kidsland. Not only because it is the closest indoor kids park to our home (though those visiting Kokusai Street or Naha may want to put this on their itinerary too), but it allowed her to tire herself out in the jungle gym and climbing the rock wall.

When she was physically tired out, we were able to mentally drain her we as well with using her imagination too. They have an area where you can pretend to be a postal worker and deliver letters throughout the facility, another to make sandwiches, and more. (Just be sure you're only at a station for a bit and share with kids seemingly waiting)

While kind of on the expensive side when you count guardians, it's still a great place to take your kids on a rainy day or even a too sunny day as the AC will be on too (sometimes you can only go outside so much in the summer before you need to relax inside).

The number one pro for me at the time, because I had a poor battery that'd go from 100% to 70% to 0% were the power plugs at the counter. Getting a counter seat and plugging your phone in while you play with your kid is fairly safe—in other words, nobody's going to take it so charge up if you're paying! :)
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  • Relaxing atmosphere
Since there is a seating section with tables and chairs for parents to wait while the kids are playing, we usually bring some books to read.

Although parents also cost to enter, it is really a great place for both children and parents.
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